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News & Events

AJA Outstanding Paper Award of 2017

Asian Journal of Andrology (AJA) has inaugurated the "AJA Outstanding Paper Award" last year, to recognize the most outstanding papers published in AJA. The outstanding papers have been selected based on quality and impact of the published work, coverage of one main theme of the journal. It is our pleasure to announce that the following 20 papers have won the AJA Outstanding Paper Award in 2017:

(Full text can be fetched by clicking the bold titles)

01. Robert J Aitken, Mark A Baker, Brett Nixon. Are sperm capacitation and apoptosis the opposite ends of a continuum driven by oxidative stress. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 633-9.

02. Bader Alsaikhan, Khalid Alrabeeah, Guila Delouya, Armand Zini. Epidemiology of varicocele. Asian Journal of Andrology 2016; 18: 179-81.

03. Cristian O'Flaherty. Redox regulation of mammalian sperm capacitation. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 583-90.

04. Chak-Lam Cho, Sandro C Esteves, Ashok Agarwal. Novel insights into the pathophysiology of varicocele and its association with reactive oxygen species and sperm DNA fragmentation. Asian Journal of Andrology 2016; 18: 186-93.

05. Michail Nomikos, Karl Swann, F Anthony Lai. Is PAWP the ""real" sperm factor? Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 444-6.

06. Michael Schulster, Aaron M Bernie, Ranjith Ramasamy. The role of estradiol in male reproductive function. Asian Journal of Andrology 2016; 18: 435-40.

07. Ravi Kacker, Mariam Hult, Ignacio F San Francisco, William P Conners, Pablo A Rojas, William C Dewolf, Abraham Morgentaler. Can testosterone therapy be offered to men on active surveillance for prostate cancer? Preliminary results. Asian Journal of Andrology 2016; 18: 16-20.

08. Lin Wang, Melissa T Sanford, Zhongcheng Xin, Guiting Lin, Tom F Lue. Role of Schwann cells in the regeneration of penile and peripheral nerves. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 776-82.

09. Serafín Pérez-Cerezales, Sergii Boryshpolets, Michael Eisenbach. Behavioral mechanisms of mammalian sperm guidance. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 628-32.

10. Tatsuo Kido, Yun-Fai Chris Lau. Roles of the Y chromosome genes in human cancers. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 373-80.

11. Jun Wang, Shu-Jie Xia, Zhi-Hong Liu, Le Tao, Ji-Fu Ge, Chen-Min Xu, Jian-Xin Qiu. Inguinal and subinguinal micro-varicocelectomy, the optimal surgical management of varicocele: a meta-analysis. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 74-80.

12. Young Jin Tak, Jeong Gyu Lee, Yun Jin Kim, Nam Cheol  Park, Sang Soo Kim, Sangyeoup Lee, Byung Mann Cho, Eun Hee Kong, Dong Wook Jung, Yu Hyeon Yi. Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and testosterone deficiency in middle-aged Korean men: a cross-sectional study. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 324-8.

13. Leyla Ounis, Abdelali Zoghmar, Charles Coutton, Leila Rouabah, Maroua Hachemi, Delphine Martinez, Guillaume Martinez, Ines Bellil, Douadi Khelifi, Christophe Arnoult, Julien Faure, Sebti Benbouhedja, Abdelkader Rouabah, Pierre F Ray. Mutations of the aurora kinase C gene causing macrozoospermia are the most frequent genetic cause of male infertility in Algerian men. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 68-73.

14. Wei Liu, Bo Kou, Zhen-Kun Ma, Xiao-Shuang Tang, Chuan Lv, Min Ye, Jia-Qi Chen, Lei Li, Xin-Yang Wang, Da-Lin He. Tetrandrine suppresses proliferation, induces apoptosis, and inhibits migration and invasion in human prostate cancer cells. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 850-3.

15. Hiroyuki Konaka, Kazuhiro Sugimoto, Hideki Orikasa, Teruaki Iwamoto, Toshinari Takamura, Yoshiyu Takeda, Kazuyoshi Shigehara, Masashi Iijima, Eitetsu Koh, Mikio Namiki, Earth Study Group. Effects of long-term androgen replacement therapy on the physical and mental statuses of aging males with late-onset hypogonadism: a multicenter, randomized controlled trial in Japan (EARTH Study). Asian Journal of Andrology 2016; 18: 25-34.

16. Zhuo Yin, Jin-Rui Yang, Jian-Ming Rao, Wei Song, Ke-Qin Zhou. Association between benign prostatic hyperplasia, body mass index, and metabolic syndrome in Chinese men. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 826-30.

17. Meng Rao, Xiao-Ling Zhao, Jing Yang, Shi-Fu Hu, Hui Lei, Wei Xia, Chang-Hong Zhu. Effect of transient scrotal hyperthermia on sperm parameters, seminal plasma biochemical markers, and oxidative stress in men. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 668-75.

18. Ling Zhang, Xue-Jun Shang, Hong-Fei Li, Yu-Qin Shi, Wei Li, Maria E Teves, Zhi-Qiong Wang, Gao-Feng Jiang, Shi-Zhen Song, Zhi-Bing Zhang. Characterization of membrane occupation and recognition nexus repeat containing 3, meiosis expressed gene 1 binding partner, in mouse male germ cells. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 86-93.

19. Georgios Megas, Michael Chrisofos, Ioannis Anastasiou, Aida Tsitlidou, Theodosia Choreftaki, Charalampos Deliveliotis. Estrogen receptor (alpha and beta) but not androgen receptor expression is correlated with recurrence, progression and survival in post prostatectomy T3NOMO locally advanced prostate cancer in an urban Greek population. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 98-105.

20. Giacomo Accardo, Gianfranco Vallone, Daniela Esposito, Filomena Barbato, Andrea Renzullo, Giovanni Conzo, Giovanni Docimo, Katherine Esposito, Daniela Pasquali. Testicular parenchymal abnormalities in Klinefelter syndrome: a question of cancer Examination of 40 consecutive patients. Asian Journal of Andrology 2015; 17: 154-8.

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