Dr. P Ganesan Adaikan, PhD, DSc, ACS (USA) is an associate professor and head of section of reproductive pharmacology / sexual medicine in the department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, National University of Singapore and clinical sexologist, National University Hospital, Singapore.


He is a world renowned expert in the field of male and female sexual dysfunction and is recognized for his pioneering contributions to the physiopharmacology of penile erection and pharmacological treatment for erectile dysfunction; his eminent work in identifying nitric oxide releasing pathway and the use of Prostaglandin E1 for the treatment and management of the condition had paved way for the use of drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Prof Adaikan’s basic investigation of mechanism and the physical causes of impotence had also led NUS to file for a U.S. patent for a compound in the treatment of priapism, for which a Singapore patent has already been awarded. His current focus of research is on tissue engineering in this field and on female sexual dysfunction.


He has won several international awards including the prestigious Ginestie Prize in 1986 in Prague from the International Society of Impotence Research (ISIR) and the Benjamin Henry Sheares Memorial Lecture award and gold medal. Dr Adaikan has published more than 150 scientific articles in leading peer-reviewed international journals. He has delivered more than 300 invited lectures and presentations around the world on sexual health concerns.


He established the sexual dysfunction component in the Andrology clinic in 1986 to address and manage sexual health concerns in men at the National University Hospital, Singapore and has been coordinating treatment of erectile and ejaculatory problems in men and female sexual dysfunctions and is actively involved in couple therapy.


His current significant positions in international societies include:

President-Elect (2002-2004), President (2004-2006), International Society for Sexual and Impotence Research (ISSIR; now renamed as International Society for Sexual Medicine - ISSM). He is also in the Permanent Scientific Committee, President’s Committee and the Future Sites Committee (Chairman) of ISSIR and in the editorial board of International Journal of Impotence Research: Journal of Sexual Medicine and other international journals.


Prof Adaikan is the immediate past President of Asia-Oceania Federation for Sexology (AOFS) and the Society for the Study of Andrology and Sexology, Singapore (SSASS). He is the Founder Executive Committee member of the Asia-Pacific Society for Impotence Research (APSIR, now known as Asia Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine - APSSM) and represents the Asia-Pacific region in many international and scientific bodies.


Prof Adaikan was the organizing Chairman/President of the VI World Meeting on Impotence (1994) and the 7th Asian Congress of Sexology (2002) in Singapore. He is also a consultant and resource speaker for organizations and industries on sexual health issues.




·         Outstanding ‘Indian-Outside India Award’: bestowed by the Organising Committee of the First Asia Pacific Conference of Sexology in Mumbai, India in November 2004

·         American Medical Systems (AMS) – Excellence in Impotence Research Best Paper Award (1997) at the VI Asia Pacific Meeting on Impotence at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

·         First ‘Recognition Award’ (1994) by the Asian Federation of Sexology for “unparalleled contribution in the field of basic and clinical research in erectile dysfunction”, New Delhi, India

·         Benjamin Henry Sheares Memorial Lecture Award and Gold Medal (1987) by the Singapore Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Singapore

·         Prestigious Ginestie Prize and Diploma (1986) for the best research contribution in the world by the International Society of Impotence Research at the II World Meeting on Impotence in Prague, Czechoslovakia

·         French Government Exchange Programme Fellowship (1985) for collaborative research and training at the Centre for Study and Research on Impotence, Paris, France

·         Moynihan Prize and Medal, British Surgical Society (1973), United Kingdom



·         Chairman, Judging Committee for the Female Sexual Dysfunction Award at the XI World Meeting on Impotence, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2004)

·         Chairman, Judging Committee for the Best Innovative Research (Tanagho) Award at the VIII World Meeting on Impotence, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (1998)

·         Chairman, Judging Committee for the Best Paper Award at the VI Biennial Asia-Pacific Meeting on Impotence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1997)

·         Chairman, Judging Committee for the Ginestie Award at the VII World Meeting on Impotence, San Francisco, USA (1996)

·         Member, Judging Committee for the Ginestie Award at the III World Meeting on Impotence, Boston, USA (1988)



1.      International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM): President (2004-2006); President-Elect (2002-2004).  

2.       Asia-Oceania Federation for Sexology - First Vice President (94-96), President Elect (1996-2002), President (2002-2004) and immediate past President (2004-2006).

3.       Asia-Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine - Executive Committee – Representing Singapore: 1987 to date.  Also in the Website Committee of the Society

4.      Society for the Study of Andrology and Sexology, Singapore (SSASS): He is the founder of this society. His positions include Past-President (2003-2005), President (1999-2003) and Vice President (1997-1999). This society is affiliated to the International Society of Andrology and World Association for Sexology.

5.      World Association for Sexology – Member and in the Scientific Committees of its World Congresses since 1987.

6.      International Advisory / Scientific Committees to several Asian and World Congresses.

7.      Registered member, American Board of Sexology

8.      Member, Obstetrical and gynaecological society of Singapore

9.      Member, International Society for the Study of the Aging Male

10.  Member, Sexual Medicine Society of North America

11.  Fellow, Institute of Biology, UK (1987-)

12.  Executive committee member (1987) and member, Singapore Planned Parenthood Association


EDITORIAL BOARD (peer-reviewed journals)

·          Journal of Sexual Medicine - since the inauguration in 2004 (USA)

·          International Journal of Impotence Research: journal of sexual medicine – since the inauguration in 1989-2004 (USA)

·          Journal of the British Association for Sexual and Relationship Therapy, since 2002 (UK)

·          Asia Pacific Journal of Pharmacology - since the inauguration in 1985 (Singapore)

·          Asian Journal of Andrology - since the inauguration in 1999 (China)

·         Current Sexual Health Reports - since the inauguration in 2004 (USA)



·         Selected and included in the original Marquis WHO’S WHO in the World: Illinois, USA, (1989) and in the first edition of WHO’S WHO in Science and Engineering, USA (1992)

·         Included in the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (1990) and selected as Professional of the Year in Science and Research by American Biographical Institute, North Carolina, USA



·         Advisor and consultant to pharmaceutical industry


·         Published journal articles: 150

·         Conference papers presented and published: 205

(Over 160 invited State of the Art, Plenary and Symposium lectures around the world)

·         Chapters in Books: 22;      Invited Editorial Comments: 2

·         Editorial Board of International and Regional Journals: 5


Over the years, his intensive research in the field of Sexual Medicine has led to the following discoveries:

·         Discovery of non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic neurotransmission and various receptors (1978), establishment of hypothesis on the autonomic control of penile erection and identification of nitric oxide as the neurotransmitter of erection and mediator of cGMP pathway in the human penis (1991)

·         Pioneer identification of the mechanism of action in the corpus cavernosum and clinical use of PGE1 for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This has been an important drug in the management of impotence (by intracavernous and intraurethral routes) around the world

·         Discovery of the use of pro-endogenous agent(s) for treatment of priapism (patented by INTRO, National University of Singapore).


He is RESEARCH SUPERVISOR at the National University of Singapore for several PhD, MD, MSc and clinical MSc students.



He has been awarded eight scientific research grants amounting to S$1,229,771/- in the recent years, that include international industrial invitation for drug testing / clinical trials and research on male and female sexual dysfunction.



VI World Meeting on Impotence (1994), Singapore (1st in Asia) Chairman of the Congress, Chairman of Scientific Programme and Editor, Proceedings of the meeting. (Singapore was chosen as the venue for the world meeting as a part of the international recognition for his contributions in this field). He was the organizing president of the 7th Asian Congress of Sexology (November 2002) under the auspices of the AOFS. More than 400 participants from 30 countries attended this congress. Since 1993, he has organised (1-2 days) annual training courses for doctors in Singapore and the Asian region on male and female sexual dysfunction (XI symposia to date).



His relentless scientific pursuit in the area of erectile dysfunction resulted in the establishment of Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction section in the Andrology clinic of the department at the National University Hospital in 1986, which is fully functional.