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Volume1, Number 1/2             1999 Jun   
Introducutory remarks for the Asian Journal of Androlog     1
Message of appreciations from the Asian Society of Andrology  
S.Z.Qian, N.R.Kalla
Message from the International Society of Andrology: Current challenges of andrology    3-5
I. Huhtaniemi

Review Articles
The contribution of Asian scientists to global research in andrology Geoffrey   7-12
G.M.H. Waites
Male reproductive health research needs and research agenda: Asian and Chinese perspective  13-20
One and the same androgen for all? towards designer androgens    21-28
L. J. G. Gooren, N. Thanh. Nguyen
Approaches to post-testicular contraception   29-36
T. G. Cooper, C.H. Yeung
Recent advancement in diagnosis of vasculogenic impotence
S. C. Kim
Advancement in biochemical assays in andrology   45-51
W.-B. Schill, R. Henkel W.-B. Schill, R. Henkel

Original Research
Effects of castration and testosterone replacement on veno-occlusion during penile erection in the rat  53-59
Y.T. DAI, V. Stopper, R. Lewis, T. Mills
Morphological changes of spermatozoa in proximal vas deferens after vasectomy
R.Q. Wen, S.Q. Li, C.X. Wang, Q.H. Wang, M.Y. Liu
Urinary follicle stimulating hormone can be used as a biomarker to assess male reproductive function
X.R. Wang, J.W. Overstreet, H. Todd, Q. Qiu, J.H. Yang, S.Y. Wang, X.P.Xu, B.L. Lasley

A novel E153X point mutation in the androgen receptor gene in a patient with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome
S.B. Copelli, S. Lumbroso, F. Audran, E.H. Pellizzari,J.J. Heinrich, S.B. Cigorraga, C. Sultan, H.E. Chemes

Short Communication
Ultrastructure of mouse teratozoospermia induced by parathion
E. Bustos-Obregon, O. Diaz