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Editorial Board

Jia-Hao Sha

Jiahao Sha, Ph.D. (M), is a Professor and Director for the Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, Nanjing Medical University. Prof. Sha has 20 years expertise in the reproductive research. The relevant research work is to clarify the mechanism underlying gametogenesis, including spermatogenesis, oogenesis and embryogenesis.

Professor Sha Jiahao focuses on the research of Reproductive Medicine. He is interested in infertility and the molecular mechanism of gametogenesis. In recent years, he has been responsible for two 973 Program projects, two key NSFC projects, one NSFC project for outstanding young researchers, two NSFC projects and a series of related provincial projects. His research has been very fruitful: He has submitted 111 novel genes to GenBank and published more than 60 papers in international journals. He is honored as an excellent scientist and teacher by both the provincial and state governments.



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