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撰稿人:《亚洲男性学杂志》 杨璐


论文题目 作者
Stroma-epithelium crosstalk in prostate cancer Niu, Yi-Nong; Xia, Shu-Jie*
Prostate cancer: an emerging threat to the health of aging men in Asia Zhang, Ling; Yang, Bao-Xue; Zhang, Hai-Tao; Wang, Jin-Guo; Wang, Hong-Liang*; Zhao, Xue-Jian
Effects of icariin on erectile function and expression of nitric oxide synthase isoforms in castrated rats Liu, Wu-Jiang; Xin, Zhong-Cheng*; Xin, Hua; Yuan, Yi-Ming; Tian, Long; Guo, Ying-Lu
A newly discovered mutation in PICK1 in a human with globozoospermia Liu, Gang; Shi, Qiu-Wen; Lu, Guang-Xiu*
Effects of TRPM8 on the proliferation and motility of prostate cancer PC-3 cells Yang, Zhong-Hua; Wang, Xing-Huan*; Wang, Huai-Peng; Hu, Li-Quan
The protective effect of vitamin E against oxidative damage caused by formaldehyde in the testes of adult rats Zhou, Dang-Xia; Qiu, Shu-Dong*; Zhang, Jie; Tian, Hong; Wang, Hai-Xue
Effects of varicocele on testosterone, apoptosis and expression of StAR mRNA in rat Leydig cells Luo, De-Yi; Yang, Gang; Liu, Jian-Jun; Yang, Yu-Ru; Dong, Qiang*
Proteome analysis of round-headed and normal spermatozoa by 2-D fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry Liao, Ting-Ting; Xiang, Zhen; Zhu, Wen-Bing; Fan, Li-Qing*
Proteomic analysis of seminal plasma from asthenozoospermia patients reveals proteins that affect oxidative stress responses and semen quality Wang, Jun; Wang, Jian; Zhang, Hua-Rong; Shi, Hui-Juan; Ma, Duan; Zhao, Hong-Xin; Lin, Biaoyang*; Li, Run-Sheng*
Early apoptotic changes in human spermatozoa and their relationships with conventional semen parameters and sperm DNA fragmentation Zhang, Hao-Bo; Lu, Shao-Ming; Ma, Chun-Yan; Wang, Li; Li, Xiao; Chen, Zi-Jiang*
Genetic polymorphisms in HIF1A are associated with prostate cancer risk in a Chinese population Li, Pu; Cao, Qiang; Shao, Peng-Fei; Cai, Hong-Zhou; Zhou, Hai; Chen, Jia-Wei; Qin, Chao; Zhang, Zheng-Dong; Ju, Xiao-Bing*; Yin, Chang-Jun*
The role of TRPC6 in HGF-induced cell proliferation of human prostate cancer DU145 and PC3 cells Wang, Yong; Yue, Dan; Li, Kai; Liu, Yi-Li; Ren, Chang-Shan; Wang, Ping*
The results of transperineal versus transrectal prostate biopsy: a systematic review and meta-analysis Shen, Peng-Fei; Zhu, Yu-Chun; Wei, Wu-Ran; Li, Yong-Zhong; Yang, Jie; Li, Yu-Tao; Li, Ding-Ming; Wang, Jia*; Zeng, Hao*
Proteomics of spermatogenesis: from protein lists to understanding the regulation of male fertility and infertility Huang, Xiao-Yan; Sha, Jia-Hao*
Generation of male germ cells from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells): an in vitro and in vivo study Zhu, Yong; Hu, Hong-Liang; Li, Peng; Yang, Shi; Zhang, Wei; Ding, Hui; Tian, Ru-Hui; Ning, Ye; Zhang, Ling-Ling; Guo, Xi-Zhi; Shi, Zhan-Ping; Li, Zheng*; He, Zuping*
A nomogram based on age, prostate-specific antigen level, prostate volume and digital rectal examination for predicting risk of prostate cancer Tang, Ping; Chen, Hui; Uhlman, Matthew; Lin, Yu-Rong; Deng, Xiang-Rong; Wang, Bin; Yang, Wen-Jun; Xie, Ke-Ji*
Effect of androgen deprivation on penile ultrastructure Shen, Zhou-Jun*; Zhou, Xie-Lai; Lu, Ying-Li; Chen, Zhao-Dian
Prevalence and risk factors of erectile dysfunction in three cities of China: a community-based study Bai, Quan; Xu, Qing-Quan; Jiang, Hui; Zhang, Wei-Li; Wang, Xing-Huan; Zhu, Ji-Chuan*
Expression of TRPC6 in benign and malignant human prostate tissues Yue, Dan; Wang, Yong; Xiao, Jian-Ying; Wang, Ping; Ren, Chang-Shan*
Autosomal aberrations associated with testicular dysgenesis or spermatogenic arrest in Chinese patients Guo, Jin-Hu; Zhu, Pei-Yuan; Huang, Yu-Feng; Yu, Long*


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