17 October Thursday
18 October Friday
19 October Saturday
20 October Sunday
21 October Monday
Post-congress symposia
First Asia-Pacific Forum on Andrology
17-21 October 2002, Shanghai, China

17 Oct  Thursday

09:30-20:00  Registration (Registration Desk at the lobby of the venue)

14:00-17:00  Workshop 1 (Yi Xin Hall): Vasectomy - Convenors: Dr T Hargreave (UK) & Dr Shun-Qiang Li (China) [Xiao-Zhang LIU (China)]          

18 Oct Friday, morning


Opening ceremony (Ballroom) 
Chair: Dr Shao-Zhen Qian  (President, Asian Society of Andrology)
          Dr GMH Waites (Past President, International Society of Andrology)
Dr Hong XIAO (Secretary General, 1st Asia-Pacific Forum on Andrology)

1. Opening Talk
         Dr Shao-Zhen QIAN  

2. Speeches
         Dr Jie-Ping WU, Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering; Vice-Chairman, National People’s Congress Standing Committee 
         Dr Zhu C
HEN, Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Vice-President, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

3. Award to Distinguished Andrologists

9:00-10:00 Plenary meeting 1 (Ballroom)
Chair: Dr H Chemes (Argentina), Dr Ying-Lu GUO (China)

Cloning and stem cell technology
– Dr P Mountford (Australia)

10:00-10:45 Coffee break


Symposium 1 (Ballroom 1): Spermatogenesis
Conveners: Dr R McLachlan (Australia), Dr Akihiko Okuyama (Japan)

Hormonal regulation in spermatogenesis
Dr R McLachlan (Australia)   
Restoration of spermatogenesis and fertility in mice by suppression and re-elevation of testosterone followed by ISCI --  Dr Akihiko Okuyama (Japan)
Germ cells and genetic regulation of spermatogenesis--Dr Yoshitake Nishimune (Japan)

(1)   For Plenary Meetings the time for each talk is 60 min, for Symposia, 30 min and for Sessions, 12 min, including discussion.  Chairmen, conveners and authors are requested to strictly adhere to the time.

(2) For poster presentation, please refer to the notice at the Registration desk and the Proceedings of the Forum.

Symposium 2 (Ballroom 2): Male Sexual Dysfunction
nveners: Dr TB Hargreave (UK), Dr Yi-Xing WANG (China)
The Physiology of erection-- Dr TB Hargreave (UK)
Cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction
-- Dr D Quek (Malaysia)
Oral medications for treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED)
-- Dr. MK Li (Singapore)

12:00-13:30  Lunch

18 Oct Friday, afternoon


Symposium 3 (Ballroom 1): Reproductive Infections
Convener: Dr Y Kumamoto (Japan), Dr Chen XU (China)
Epidemiology of reproductive tract infection in Japan
-- Dr Y Kumamoto (Japan)
AIDS prevention in Thailand
-- Dr Wiwat Rojanapithayakorn (Thailand)
Public health and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS in China
--Dr Lai-Yi Kang (China)

Symposium 4 (Ballroom 2): Male aging
Convener: Dr F Wu (UK), Dr Yu JIANG (China)

Androgens and cardiovascular disease
--Dr FC Wu (UK)  
Androgens and body composition in male aging
-- Dr PY Liu (Australia)

Androgen and bone mass in ageing men
--Dr Annie Kung (Hong Kong)


Plenary meeting 2 (Ballroom)   
Chair:  Ilpo Huhtaniemi (Finland), Dr Ji-Chuan ZHU (China)

Male reproductive health in the Asia-Pacific region --
Dr Yi-Fei Wang (China)

The present and future of androgen therapy
-- Dr DJ Handelsman (Australia)

18 Oct Friday, evening

18:00-20:00 Welcome banquet

19 Oct  Saturday, morning


Symposium 5 (Presentation Hall): Prostate Disease
Dr Haruo Ito (Japan), Dr S Kim (Korea)
Epidemiology of benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostatic cancer
-- Dr S Kim (Korea)

Ligand-independent activation of andorgen Receptor by interleukin-6 in prostate cancer cells
--Dr Haruo Ito (Japan)
Targeted disruption of mouse prosaposin gene affects prostate development and inactivates MAPK pathway
--  Dr Carlos R. Morales (Canada)

Symposium 6 (Madrid Room): Evidence-based Traditional Medicine 
Conveners: Dr SZ Qian (Shanghai), Dr Arif Ademolja (Indonesia)  
Phytochemicals in management of sexual concerns
-- Dr PG Adaikan (Singapore)

Isoflavone (Phytogen®) in treatment of male climacteric and prostatism
-- Dr Han-Sun Chiang (Taipei)
Use of phyto-compo
unds in cancer chemoprevention
Dr Victor Goh HH  (Singapore)
Use of Tribulus terrestris L extracts in Adam with
 sexual fatigue
-- Dr Arif Adimoelja (Indonesia)


Workshop 2 (Venice Room): Semen analysis (WHO Manual)
Conveners: Dr G Baker (Australia) & Dr A Hinting (Indonesia)  

10:45-12:00  Organon Symposium (Ballroom)
3 presentations to be listed

10:45-12:00  session 1 (Presentation Hall): Prostate Diseases
Chair: Dr Shu-Jie XIA
, Dr Chun-Hua DENG (China)
O1-1. Studies on the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy with
 90Sr/90Y-βknife -- Dr Shan-Yu CAI (China)
O1-2. Effect of
a1-receptor antagonist and nitric oxide donor on  proliferation/apoptosis of hyperplastic prostatic stromal cells in vitro -- Dr. Chun-Hua DENG (China
On the efficacy of He-Ne Laser in treating chronic prostatitis: preliminary results -- Dr Yuan-Fang ZHANG (China)
O1-4. Expression of dendritic cell and CD44v6 in prostate cancer -- Dr Wei GUAN (China)
O1-5.Characteristic pattern of human prostatic growth with age -- Dr Shu-Jie XIA
O1-6. Tumor infiltrating dentritic cell and mucin expression in
 prostate hyperplasia and prostatic cancer -- Dr Song-Tao XIANG (China)
O1-7. Biofeedback therapy for chronic pelvic pain
 syndrome (report of 62 cases) -- Dr Zhang-Qun YE (Ru-Zhu LAN) (China)

Session 2 (Madrid Room): Male Aging
Chair: Dr Jun-Ping SHI (China), Dr MIM Tambi (Malaysia)
Impotence, depression and hormonal status in middle aged men -- Dr N Brandstätter (Austria)
O2-2. Clinical studies on relation between sex hormones and bone
 mineral density in aging males -- Dr Wei-Dong GAN (China)
Aging of the man – when it starts and how we should treat the illness leading to premature death -- Dr Andrzej Gomula (Poland)
O2-4. Community participation in aging male in Malaysia -- Dr Fadzilah Abdul Hamid (Malaysia)

O2-5. Effect of aging on expression of nitric oxide synthase
and activity of nitric oxide synthase in rat penis -- Dr Jun-Ping SHI (China)
Euryucoma longifolia jack’s glycoprotein complex as apotential natural sexual stimulant and energizer for healthy aging in men -- Dr MIM Tambi (Malaysia)
O2-7. Managing andropause: current practices & future possibilities -- Dr Robert S Tan (USA)

Session 3 (Venice Room): Evidence-based Traditional Medicine
Chair: Dr Qi WANG (China), Dr Susilo Wibowo (Indonesia)

O3-1. Treatment of male infertility by combined Chinese and western
medicines -- Dr Jie GAO (China)
O3-2. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of effect of Qianlizhitong capsule, a Chinese herb mixture, on non-bacterial chronic prostatitis -- Dr Jun GUO (China)
O3-3.Effect of a Chinese herbal prescription on erectile function
in diabetic rats --  Dr Shu-Hua LI (China)
O3-4. Testicular cell population following Lidenbergia indica extract in rats: a morphometric approach -- Dr AK Purohit (India)
O3-5. Huangjingzanyu capsule in the treatment of male infertility: a multicenter randomized controlled trial -- Dr Qi WANG (China)
O3-6. Effect of oral Pimpinelia alpina (Molk) and
Eurycoma longifolia (Jack) in increasing testosterone level of rats -- Dr Susilo Wibowo (Indonesia)
Clinical efficacy of Qianlietongyu capsule in treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome (report of 156 cases -- Dr Zuo-Gang XIE (China)

12:15-13:30  Lunch

19 Oct Saturday, afternoon

13:30-16:00 Symposium 7 (Presentation Hall):  Epididymis
Conveners: Dr PYD Wong (China), Prof. Marie-Claire Orgebin-Crist ( France)
Epididymal Lipocalins: Structure and Function
--Prof. Marie-Claire Orgebin-Crist (France)
The role of testicular growth factors as mediators of epididymal gene expression
--Dr Barry Hinton (USA)
Studies on sperm maturation related epididymis-specific programmatically expressed genes in the monkey and rat
-- Dr Yong-Lian Zhang (China)
Vascular growth factor expression in the rat epididymis
-- Dr Simon C.L. Au (China)
Transgenic techniques in search for novel strategies for male contraception
--Dr Ilpo Huhtaniemi (Finland)

13:30-15:30 Symposium 8 (Madrid Room):  Male Contraception
Dr D Handelsman (Australia), Dr Gui-Yuan ZHANG (China)
Androgens alone for hormonal male contraception
--Dr Yi-Qun Gu (China)
Androgen/progestin combination regimens for male contraception
--Dr D Handelsman (Australia)
Vas based fertility control
-- Dr S Guha (India)
Recent research on vasectomy techniques
--Dr D Sokal (USA)  

13:30-15:30  Session 4 (Venice Hall): Testis and Epididymis
Chair: Dr Yi-Feng PENG (China), Dr PRK Reddy (India)
O4-1. Apoptosis in male germ cells induced by testicular denervation -- Dr Yong-Guang GONG (China)
O4-2. Effect of hyperbaric oxygenation on epididymis in experimental varicocele rabbits -- Dr Yong-Lian GUO (China)
O4-3. Analysis of spermatogenic failure in LH receptor knockout Animals --
Dr Z M Lei (USA)
Thickening of the cremaster muscle associated with testicular undescent induced by prenatal flutamide-treatment in the rat -- Dr Y. Matsuno (Japan)
Study on correlation between serum epidermal growth factor (EGF)/testicular EGF-receptor and spermatogenesis in rats -- Dr Yi-Feng PENG (China)
Glutathione S-transferase in the testis and its possible role -- Dr P.R.K. Reddy (India)
Effects of artificial inguinal cryptorchidism and subsequent orchiopexy on spermatogenesis in adult monkey: a stereological quantitative study -- Dr Zheng-Wei YANG (China)


Session 5 (Venice Room): Testis
Chair: Dr Bao-Chang ZHU (China), Dr W M Lee (China)
O5-1. Hormones and growth regulators impact on biochemical
 modulations of cultured Sertoli cells of BGH-transgenic mice -- Dr M. Bhaskar (India)
O5-2. Effect of prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol on morphology and actin expressing of gubernaculum testis in fetal mice -- Dr Xue-Wu JIANG (China)
Formation and regulation of inter-Sertoli tight junctions in the testis -- Dr WM Lee (China)
O5-4. Hyperlipidemia leads to spermatogenic arrest in rats -- Dr AK Purohit (India)
O5-5. Effect of intracaverous injection of pcDNA-VEGF165  plasmid
 in erectile dysfunction rats -- Dr Zhi-Yu SONG (China)
Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The Highs and Lows -- Dr Mohammad A. Wahab (India)
Effect of cocaine on apoptosis and caspase-3 activity in the germ cells of rats at different ages -- Dr Guo-Sheng YANG (China)
Leydig cells play an important role in the differentiation and development of reproductive organs -- Dr Bao-Chang ZHU (China)
O5-9. Identification of testis development and spermatogenesis- related genes in human testes using cDNA arrays -- Dr Zuo-Min ZHOU (China) 

Session 6 (Madrid Room): Male Infertility
Chair: Dr Kun-Long BEN (China), Dr Shibahara Hiroaki (Japan)
Mucosal immunity in male genital tract -- Dr Kun-Long BEN (China)
O6-2. Differential expression and identification of epididymal secretive
 protein in experimental left varicocele rats -- Dr Li-Na CHEN (China)
O6-3. Studies on ultrastructure of spermatozoa from infertile men -- Dr Lian-Kai DANG (China)
Sperm immobilizing antibodies bound to the surface of ejaculated spermatozoa cause asthenozoospermia in immunologically infertile men -- Dr Hiroaki Shibahara (Japan) 
Role of acrosomal matrix proteins in sperm-zonabinding -- Dr Ichiro Tanii (Japan)
Testicular germ cell apoptosis and the expression of related genes in patients with idiopathic male infertility -- Dr Hui-Chen SUN (China)
Studies on ejaculatory function with Chinese index of questionnaire form for premature ejaculation (CIQPE) -- Dr Zhong-Cheng XIN (China) 
Analysis for Y chromosomal micorodeletions in Japanese azoospermic and oligozoospermic men: Using the protocol of European Academy of Andrology -- Dr Yoko Fukuda (Japan)
O6-9. Percutaneous nonsurgical testicular Sperm aspiration for management of azoospermic men -- Dr Wei-Peng ZHAO (China)

16:15-17:30  Session 7 (Presentationh Hall): Male Infertility and ED
Chair: Dr Rima Dada (INDIA)
O7-1. Dr Cytogenetic and molecular analysis in variant Klinefelter cases -- Rima Dada (India)

O7-2. Evaluation of sperm quality before cryopreservation, after
 thawing and swimming-up technique -- Dr Xian-Ming QIAN (China)
. Role of urologists and andrologists in assisted reproduction -- Dr Yi-Xin WANG (China)
O7-4. New thoughts on management of azoospermia -- Dr Tilak R. Weerasooriya (Sri Lanka)
Method for penile augmentation using autologous dermis cell culture -- Dr Jeoung-Yong KIM (Korea) 

17:30-18:30  Asian Society of Andrology Executive Council Meeting (315 Meeting Room, HuaXia Hotel)

20 Oct Sunday, morning


Symposium 9 (Presentation Hall): Population Variation in Male Reproduction
Conveners: Dr C Wang (USA) , Dr YF Wang (China)

Ethnic variation in the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular regulation of male fertility
-Dr R Swerdloff (USA)
Spermatogenesis and testicular weight in Japanese men --
Dr C Mori (Japan)

Genetic disorder of the patients with male infertility in Taiwan --Dr Han-Sun Chiang (Taipei)

Symposium 10 (Madrid Room): Sperm structure and function
Conveners: Dr W Schill (Germany), Dr Teng-Xiang MA(China)

The importance of the zona pellucida-induced acrosome reaction in assisted reproduction
-- Dr Daniel Franken (South Africa)
Impact of different sperm functions on fertilization and pregnancy (including DNA fragmentation)
-- Dr Ralf Henkel (Germany)
Oocyte penetration and fusion
--Dr Y Takahashi (Japan)
Relationship between sperm pathology and ICSI/IVF outcome
--Dr H Chemes (Argentina)


Symposium 11 (Presentation Hall): ICSI/IVF for Male Infertility
Conveners: Dr G Baker, Dr DY Liu (Australia), Dr SC Ng (Singapore)

Clinical evaluation and assessment for ICSI
-- Dr. Gordon Baker (Australia)
Evaluation and assessment of semen for IVF/ICSI
-- Dr. De Yi Liu (Australia)
Results of intracytoplasmic sperm injection
--Dr. Aucky Hinting (Indonesia)  
ICSI – New understanding of an old method -- Dr SC Ng (Singapore)

10:45-11:45 Symposium 12 (Madrid Room): Androgen Action
Convener: Dr EL Yong (Singapore), Dr HM Tan (Malaysia)

Androgen receptor-structure/function correlations
--Dr. EL Yong (Singapore)
Three-dimensional imaging study of androgen receptor and co-regulators
-- Dr. Ryoichi Takayanagi (Japan)

08:30-10:30  Session 8 (Venice Room): Androgen
Chair: Zhong-Chen XIN (China), Dr Shinji Komori (Japan)

SHBG and testosterone concentrations in patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) -- Dr N.P. Goncharov (Russia)
Male participation in selected components of reproductive and child health in an urban slum of Delhi city, India -- Dr M.C. Kapilashrami (Indian)
Analysis of androgenic effects for expression of transition protein 1(TP1) -- Dr Shinji Komori (Japan)
O8-4. Effects of 60 Hz magnetic field exposure on testicular germ cell
 apoptosis in mice -- Dr Sang Kon LEE (Korea)
Effect of androgen supplementation on sexual function of rats and men -- Dr Zheng LI (China)
O8-6. Androgen and prostatic stroma -- Dr Yuan-Jie NIU (China)
A study of the dependence of protein expression of calcitonin gene related peptide on androgens in the rat penis -- Dr Zhou-Jun Shen (China)
Clinical aspect of partial androgen deficiency in aging male (PADAM): prime causes and stimulation of endogenous test6osterone production -- Dr Susilo Wibowo (Indonesia)
O8-9. Effect of Icariin on the activities of cGMP specific PDE5 and cAMP specific PDE4 -- Dr Zhong-Cheng XIN (China)
O8-10. Determination of serum free testosterone concentration: a
comparison of Vermeule’s calculation and enzyme immunoassay results -- Dr Xiao-Chun ZHENG (China) 

10:40-12:15  Session 9 (Venice Room): Spermatozoa
Chair: Ji-Hong Liu (China)
Temporal Change of Heat-Shock protein 90 in Human Spermatozoa during Cryopreservation and Its Significance -- Dr Wen-Lei CAO (China)
O9-2. Comparative study on testosterone undecanoate injectable alone and with levonorgestrel implant in suppressing human spermatogenesis -- Dr Chang-Hai HE (China)
Construction and identification of attenuated Salmonella typhimurium strains expressing mouse sperm cyritestin -- Dr Yan-Feng LI (China)
O9-4. Influence of dibutyryl cyclic adenosine monophosphate on human sperm mobility in vitro
-- Dr Ji-Hong LIU (China)

12:15 -13:30  Lunch

20 Oct Sunday, afternoon


Session 10 (Ballroom S1): Reproductive Infections
Chair: Dr L Bujan (France), Dr
Sang Kon LEE (Korea)
O10-1. Insemination program in serodiscordant HIV-1 couples (male
infected) as an effective method to have children without HIV-1 contamination -- Dr L. Bujan (France)
Treatment of condyloma acuminatum in fossa navicular urethra using fulguration in combination with Xiangye-Xiaoyou lotion  and a-2b interferon -- Dr Gang LI (China)
Semen characteristics in infertile men with spouses having past Chlamydia trachomatis infection -- Dr Seiji Yamanaka (Japan)
O10-4. Effect of non-gonococcal urethritis on sex function in the males -- Dr Mei-Shun WANG (China)
O10-5. Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis infection in
 nongonococcal urethritis patients -- Dr Yuan-Kang YE (China)
O10-6. Male contraception and reproductive tract infections in Indian
population -- Dr S. Mokkapati (India) 

Session 11 (Ballroom S2): Surgery
Chair: Dr Sheng-Cai ZHAO (China), Dr Ren-Qian WEN (China)
O11-1. Enhancement Phalloplasty --
Dr A El-Seweifi (Germany)
O11-2. Factors affecting fertility recovery after vasovasostomy -- Dr Ren-Qian WEN (China)

O11-3. Treatment of venous erectile dysfunction by embedding deep
 dorsal vein of penis -- Dr Bin ZHANG (China)
O11-4. Studies on nonsurgical and reversible vas occlusion -- Dr Sheng-Cai Zhao (China)

15:00-17:00 Plenary Meeting 3
Chair: Dr GMH Waites (Australia), Dr Jiang-Yuan LI (China)

Progress and prospects for male contraception
– Dr C Wang (USA)
The ageing male in the 21st century
– Dr F Wu (UK)

17:00-17:30  Closing Ceremony
Chair: Dr SZ Qian, Dr D Handelsman

1. Excellent Paper Awarding 

2. Closing remarks -- Dr D Handelsman

21 Oct Monday, afternoon

Half-day Shanghai tour


Post-Congress Symposia

21 Oct Monday, morning

08:15-09:15  ISSAM-ACSAM Council Meeting (Mini-meeting Room) 

09:30-12:00  ISSAM/ACSAM Satellite Symposium (Presentation Hall)
Dr Hui Meng TAN (Malaysia), Dr Arif Adimoelja (Indonesia) 

Challenges for the aging male in the Asia Pacific region --
Dr Bruno Lunenfeld (Israel)
Prevalence of ADAM in Asia -- Dr Han Sun CHIANG (Taipei)

10:20-­10:30  Question & Answer
Asian guidelines for the management of ADAM --
Dr Young Chan KIM (Korea)
Singapore epidemiological data and protocol for ACSAM
study on ageing male in Asia -- Dr Victor HH GOH (Singapore)
Aging male in China – historical & current perspectives -- Dr Yu JIANG (China)

11.30-12.00  Discussion


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