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Ethnic and Genetic Population Variability in Male Reproductive Health

Deadline for Submission:  July 20, 2002 

Participants who would like to make a presentation at the Forum must submit an expanded abstract for consideration by the Scientific and Programme Committees. The Committees will determine whether the abstract will be accepted as an oral or poster presentation. 

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Abstracts must be written in English and in structured form (<250 words) consisting of Aim, Methods, Results (with main data) and Conclusion. Abstracts must be informative rather than indicative. Emphasize the new and important aspects.

All abbreviations or acronyms must be defined at the first appearance. 

Presenting authors whose abstracts are accepted for presentation must have their names underlined in abstracts and pay the registration fee before 20 August 2002.

Abstracts must be printed on the Abstract Form provided. The text should be in New Roman Font, 11 point.  An electronic file of the abstracts should be provided by e-mail or diskette.  

 Effect of testicular capsulotomy on lipid droplets in the seminiferous tubules of rats

 Da-Nian QIN1, Mary A. Lung2
Department of Physiology, Shantou University School of Medicine, Shantou 515031, China
2Department of Physiology, The University of Hong Kong, HK, China

 Aim:  In order to reveal the histochemical alteration that might occur during the process of  spermatogenic disruption induced by testicular capsulotomy, the location and alteration of lipid droplets in the seminiferous tubules were observed. Methods: Osmium tetroxide was used to demonstrate the lipid droplets in the seminiferous tubules of capsulotomized and sham-operated rat testes. Results: In the seminiferous tubules of the sham-operated testes, many small lipid droplets were located close to the basement membrane. But in the capsulotomized testes, the lipid droplets were increased in size and number with many migrated towards the lumen. Conclusion: A progressive fatty degeneration occurred in the seminiferous tubules after testicular capsulotomy.

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