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Male Reproductive Health

Volume 25, Issue 1 (Jan 2023)
Generation of male germ cells in vitro from the stem cells
Ying-Hong Cui, Wei Chen, Si Wu, Cai-Lin Wan, Zuping He
Asian J Androl 25: 13-20; 10.4103/aja20226
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Multiparametric ultrasound for the assessment of testicular lesions with negative tumoral markers
Hui Liu1,2,3,4, Lin Dong1,2,3,4, Li-Hua Xiang1,2,3,4, Guang Xu1,2,3,4, Jing Wan1,2,3,4, Yan Fang1,2,3,4, Shi-Si Ding1,2,3,4, Ye Jin1,2,3,4, Li-Ping Sun1,2,3,4, Hui-Xiong Xu5
Asian J Androl 25: 50-57; 10.4103/aja202235
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Associations of sex hormone levels with body mass index (BMI) in men: a cross-sectional study using quantile regression analysis
Xin Lv, Yu-Ting Jiang, Xin-Yue Zhang, Lei-Lei Li, Hong-Guo Zhang, Rui-Zhi Liu
Asian J Androl 25: 98-102; 10.4103/aja202212
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Intense venous reflux, quantified by a new software to analyze presurgical ultrasound, is associated with unfavorable outcomes of microsurgical varicocelectomy
Kai You1, Bang-Bin Chen2, Peng Wang3, Ren-Ge Bu2, Xue-Wen Xu2
Asian J Androl 25: 119-125; 10.4103/aja202248
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Volume 24, Issue 6 (Nov 2022)
Postphalloplasty urinary function test: an observational study of novel outcome instrument to capture urinary dysfunction and quality of life after phalloplasty
James L Liu1, Lauren Eisenbeis2,3, Stephanie Preston4, Arthur L Burnett1, Heather N DiCarlo1,3, Devin Coon2,3
Asian J Androl 24: 570-574; 10.4103/aja2021110
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Torsion of the spermatic cord in adults: a multicenter experience in adults with surgical exploration for acute scrotal pain with suspected testicular torsion
Van Thi Dang1, Benjamin Pradere2, Anne Mauger de Varennes3, Nadia Ali Benali4, Maxime Vallée4, William Berchiche5, Bastien Gondran-Tellier5, Gaelle Margue6, Clément Michiels6, Charles Gaillard7, Tristan Grevez7, Florian Bardet8, Maud Hulin9, Anthony Manuguerra10, Ugo Pinar11, Caroline Plassais11, Margeux Felber11, William Wandoren12, Kévin Kaulanjan12, Ines Dominique13, Marc Sbizerra13, Emilien Seizilles de Mazancourt13, Xavier Matillon13, Igor Duquesne14, Maxime Chabenes15, Victor Gaillard16, Lucas Freton3, Francois Lannes5, Zine-Eddine Khene3
Asian J Androl 24: 575-578; 10.4103/aja2021126
Abstract |Full TextPDF

A comprehensive evaluation of sexual and reproductive outcomes following robot-assisted retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for nonseminomatous germ cell tumor
Francesco A Mistretta1,2, Ottavio de Cobelli1,2, Paolo Verze3, Francesco Botticelli1, Letizia Jannello1, Stefano Luzzago1, Gabriele Cozzi1, Roberto Bianchi1, Ettore Di Trapani1, Matteo Ferro1, Giovanni Cordima1, Danilo Bottero1, Deliu Victor Matei1, Vincenzo Mirone3, Gennaro Musi1,2
Asian J Androl 24: 579-583; 10.4103/aja2021132
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Reference penile size measurement and correlation with other anthropometric dimensions: a prospective study in 800 men
Martina Solé1, Ignacio Tobia González1, Martín Compagnucci1,2, Guadalupe Colucci2, Marcos Dalvit3, Bernardo Chiconi4, Omar A Layús1, Guillermo Gueglio1, Gastón Rey-Valzacchi1
Asian J Androl 24: 620-623; 10.4103/aja2021121
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Quantitative assessment of the aging corpus cavernosum by shear wave elastography
Hao Cheng1,2, Guo-Xiong Liu3, Fei Wang1, Ke Wang3, Li-Tao Ruan1, Lin Yang3
Asian J Androl 24: 628-632; 10.4103/aja2021119
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Testicular torsion in adults: which news?
Nicola Zampieri, Vittoria Boscaini
Asian J Androl 24: 679-679; 10.4103/aja202222
Full TextPDF

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