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Operational Andrology

Volume 25, Issue 5 (Sep 2023)
Modified onlay island flap versus tubularized incised plate urethroplasty for hypospadias reoperation
Zhu, Xiao-Jiang; Deng, Yong-Ji; Wang, Jun; Guo, Yun-Fei; Ge, Zheng
Asian J Androl 25: 583-586; 10.4103/aja20235
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

Bladder calculi concomitant with benign prostatic enlargement: is prostate surgery mandatory in patients who have never received medical therapy?
Anil, Hakan1,; Ünal, Umut1; Karamik, Kaan2; Ortoglu, Ferhat1; Erçil, Hakan1
Asian J Androl 25: 604-607; 10.4103/aja2022107
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Comparison of outcomes in three surgical techniques for proximal hypospadias: staged transverse preputial island flap urethroplasty versus single-stage repairs
Wang, Yu-Si; Song, Hong-Cheng; Liu, Pei; Fang, Yi-Wei; Zhang, Wei-Ping
Asian J Androl 25: 616-620; 10.4103/aja2022106
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Buried penis: a histological and histochemical study of dartos fascia
Zhang, Hong-Yi1,2; Zhao, Gang-Gang1,2; Song, Yi-Ting1,2; Xiao, Ke-Bing1,2; Li, Hua-Feng1,2; Cui, Jie2
Asian J Androl 25: 632-636; 10.4103/aja2022116
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Volume 25, Issue 4 (Jul 2023)
Commentary on “An alternative surgical technique for varicoceles: a preliminary experience of the microsurgical spermatic (distal end)-inferior or superficial epigastric vein anastomosis in symptomatic varicoceles associated with perineal pain”
Dino Papes
Asian J Androl 25: 537-538; 10.4103/aja2022101
Full TextPDF

Volume 25, Issue 3 (May 2023)
Vasectomy reversal in China during the recent decade: insights from a multicenter retrospective investigation
Li-Juan Ren, Rui-Zhi Xue, Zi-Qiang Wu, Er-Lei Zhi, Wei Li, Liang Huang, Xu-Yu Xiang, Dao-Yuan Li, Xue-Ming Lin
Asian J Androl 25: 416-420; 10.4103/aja202244
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Volume 25, Issue 2 (Mar 2023)
The effect of BMI and age on the outcomes of microsurgical vasoepididymostomy: a retrospective analysis of 181 patients operated by a single surgeon
Shou-Yang Wang1,2, Yang-Yi Fang1,2, Hai-Tao Zhang1,2, Yu Tian1, Vera Yeung Chung3, Yin-Chu Cheng4, Kai Hong1,2, Hui Jiang1,2
Asian J Androl 25: 277-280; 10.4103/aja202238
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Volume 25, Issue 1 (Jan 2023)
A modified fixation technique for the treatment of buried penis in children
Xu Cui1, Bing-Jing Gao2, Liu Chen1, Wen-Hua Huang1, Chao-Ming Zhou1
Asian J Androl 25: 78-81; 10.4103/aja20224
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Double dartos flap layer in tubularized incised plate urethroplasty to prevent urethrocutaneous fistula in uncircumcised patients with distal hypospadias
Raed Al-Taher1, Mohammad Nofal2, Ali J Yousef2, Mohammad Rashdan1, Amjad Tarawneh3, Jad Alsmadi4, Eman Hasan1, Dalal Alshareefi1, Danah Alenezi1, Bashayer Abdulrasoul1
Asian J Androl 25: 93-97; 10.4103/aja202251
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Commentary on “A modified fixation technique for the cure of buried penis in children”
Sofia Gereta1, Adan N Tijerina1, Safiya-Hana Belbina1, E Charles Osterberg1,2
Asian J Androl 25: 144-145; 10.4103/aja202216
Full TextPDF

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