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Prostate Disease

Volume 22, Issue 1 (Jan 2020)
Darolutamide: a novel androgen-signaling agent in nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer
Jeanny B Aragon-Ching
Asian J Androl 22: 76-78; 10.4103/aja.aja_52_19
Full TextPDF

Volume 21, Issue 6 (Nov 2019)
Secreted protein acidic and rich in cysteine (SPARC) induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition, enhancing migration and invasion, and is associated with high Gleason score in prostate cancer
Fernanda López-Moncada, María José Torres, Enrique A Castellón, Héctor R Contreras
Asian J Androl 21: 557-564; 10.4103/aja.aja_23_19
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

Phi-based risk calculators performed better in the prediction of prostate cancer in the Chinese population
Yi-Shuo Wu1,2,3, Xiao-Jian Fu4, Rong Na5, Ding-Wei Ye6, Jun Qi7, Xiao-Ling Lin2, Fang Liu2, Jian Gong1,2, Ning Zhang1,2, Guang-Liang Jiang1,2, Hao-Wen Jiang1,2, Qiang Ding1,2, Jianfeng Xu2,3, Ying-Hao Sun8
Asian J Androl 21: 592-597; 10.4103/aja.aja_125_18
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

Prostate cancer upgrading or downgrading of biopsy Gleason scores at radical prostatectomy: prediction of “regression to the mean” using routine clinical features with correlating biochemical relapse rates
Muammer Altok1, Patricia Troncoso2, Mary F Achim1, Surena F Matin1, Graciela N Gonzalez3, John W Davis1
Asian J Androl 21: 598-604; 10.4103/aja.aja_29_19
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

Comparison of diagnostic efficacy between transrectal and transperineal prostate biopsy: A propensity score-matched study
Chen-Yi Jiang1, Peng-Fei Shen2, Cheng Wang3, Hao-Jun Gui2, Yuan Ruan1, Hao Zeng2, Shu-Jie Xia1, Qiang Wei2, Fu-Jun Zhao1,3
Asian J Androl 21: 612-617; 10.4103/aja.aja_16_19
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

Identification of seven long noncoding RNAs signature for prediction of biochemical recurrence in prostate cancer
Ning Shao1,2, Yao Zhu1,2, Fang-Ning Wan1,2, Ding-Wei Ye1,2
Asian J Androl 21: 618-622; 10.4103/aja.aja_118_18
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

A technique of pretightening dorsal vein complex can facilitate laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
Wei Chen1, Jin-Cai Zhou2, Lei Xu1, Xiao-Yi Hu1, Zhi-Bing Xu1, Jian-Ming Guo1
Asian J Androl 21: 628-630; 10.4103/aja.aja_24_19
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

Initial 3-month dynamics of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate can predict responsiveness to primary androgen deprivation therapy in patients with metastatic prostate cancer
Akihiro Yano, Makoto Kagawa, Hideki Takeshita, Yohei Okada, Makoto Morozumi, Satoru Kawakami
Asian J Androl 21: 635-636; 10.4103/aja.aja_9_19
Full TextPDF PDF

Volume 21, Issue 5 (Sep 2019)
Role of tumor-associated immune cells in prostate cancer: angel or devil?
Shui-Qing Wu, Hao Su, Yin-Huai Wang, Xiao-Kun Zhao
Asian J Androl 21: 433-437; 10.4103/aja.aja_47_19
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

The transcription factor ZEB1 promotes chemoresistance in prostate cancer cell lines
Octavio Orellana-Serradell, Daniela Herrera, Enrique A Castellón, Héctor R Contreras
Asian J Androl 21: 460-467; 10.4103/aja.aja_1_19
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

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