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Sperm Biology

Volume 24, Issue 6 (Nov 2022)
Update on techniques for cryopreservation of human spermatozoa
Chuan Huang1,2, Yu-Lin Tang1, Jian-Ling Hu3, Wen-Jun Zhou1, Zeng-Hui Huang1,2, Xue-Feng Luo1, Zheng Li3, Wen-Bing Zhu1,2
Asian J Androl 24: 563-569; 10.4103/aja20229
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Volume 24, Issue 5 (Sep 2022)
Evaluation of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine on semen parameters in reproductive-age males: a retrospective cohort study
Hong Zhu1, Xiao Wang1, Feng Zhang1, Yong Zhu1, Mei-Rong Du2, Zhi-Wen Tao1, Can Sun1, Hai-Tao Ma1, Ya-Dong Li1, Guo-Qing Liang1, Jie Ren1, Bai-Lan Feng1, Feng Jiang3
Asian J Androl 24: 441-444; 10.4103/aja202225
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Volume 24, Issue 4 (Jul 2022)
Antigen unmasking does not improve the visualization of phospholipase C zeta in human spermatozoa
Xin Meng1, Celine Jones1, Pedro Melo2, Caroline Ross3, Ginny Mounce1, Tim Child1,3, Kevin Coward1
Asian J Androl 24: 345-352; 10.4103/aja202168
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Sperm flagellar 2 (SPEF2) is essential for sperm flagellar assembly in humans
Dong-Yan Li1, Xiao-Xuan Yang1, Chao-Feng Tu1,2, Wei-Li Wang1, Lan-Lan Meng2, Guang-Xiu Lu1, Yue-Qiu Tan1,2, Qian-Jun Zhang1,2, Juan Du1,2
Asian J Androl 24: 359-366; 10.4103/aja202154
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Sperm hyaluronidase is critical to mammals' fertilization for its ability to disperse cumulus–oocyte complex layer
Dong-Won Seol1, Sang Hoon Joo2, Young-Hyun Kim3, Bong-Seok Song4, Bo-Woong Sim4, Sun-Uk Kim4, Soojin Park5, Gabbine Wee1, Ekyune Kim2
Asian J Androl 24: 411-415; 10.4103/aja202176
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Volume 24, Issue 3 (May 2022)
Genetic pathogenesis of acephalic spermatozoa syndrome: past, present, and future
Yu Wang1,2,3,4, Ming-Fei Xiang1,2,3,4, Na Zheng1,2,3,4, Yun-Xia Cao1,2,3,4, Fu-Xi Zhu1,2,3,4
Asian J Androl 24: 231-237; 10.4103/aja202198
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

The roles of intraflagellar transport (IFT) protein 25 in mammalian signaling transduction and flagellogenesis
Yong-Hong Man1,2, Isabella Warmbrunn3, Ling Zhang1, Zhi-Bing Zhang3,4
Asian J Androl 24: 238-242; 10.4103/aja202179
Abstract |Full TextPDF PDF

Commentary on “CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing reveals 12 testis-enriched genes dispensable for male fertility in mice”
Brendan J Houston
Asian J Androl 24: 273-273; 10.4103/aja202196
Full TextPDF PDF

Volume 24, Issue 1 (Jan 2022)
Recent advances in isolation, identification, and culture of mammalian spermatogonial stem cells
Hua-Ming Xi, Yi-Jie Ren, Fa Ren, Yu Li, Tian-Yu Feng, Zhi Wang, Ye-Qing Du, Li-Kun Zhang, Jian-Hong Hu
Asian J Androl 24: 5-14; 10.4103/aja.aja_41_21
Abstract |Full TextPDF

Environmental exposure to cadmium but not lead is associated with decreased semen quality parameters: quality regionalism of sperm properties
Katarzyna Olszak-Wasik1, Andrzej Tukiendorf2, Aleksandra Kasperczyk3, Artur Wdowiak4, Stanislaw Horak1
Asian J Androl 24: 26-31; 10.4103/aja.aja_57_21
Abstract |Full TextPDF

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