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Dr. Elisabetta Baldi

March 1979: Graduated in Biological Science in the University of Florence with 110/110 cum laude.
1979-1984: post-doctoral fellowship in the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of the University of Florence.
April-May 1980: visiting scientist in the Laboratory of Biochemistry of the Imperial College of Science and Tachnology (London), directed by Dr. J. Hughes after winning a Wellcome Research Travel Grant for two months. During this visit she learns methods of biological assays.
November 1981: win a grant from Italian National Research Council (CNR Rome) for three years.
March-April 1982: visiting fellow in the Laboratory of preclinical Pharmacology of the National Institute of Health (Washington, USA) directed by Prof. E. Costa to learn HPLC techniques.
November 1982: admitted to the post-graduate course in pharmacology at the University of Milan (Prof. F. Berti)
November 1984: Specialized in Pharmacology at the University of Milan (70/70).
1984: The Grant from CNR is renewed. She become intern in the Laboratory of Endocrinology of the University of Florence directed by Prof. MSerio.
1988-1990: two years research fellowship in the Laboratory of Nephrology directed by Prof. M. Dunn at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio).
July 1990-2001: Researcher in the Andrology Unit of the University of Florence directed by prof. G. Forti.
January 2002: win a position of Researcher in the University of Florence.
May 2005 - Present : Associate Professor in Clinical Pathology (MED/05)

Scientific Awards
-Win several National and International awards
-Invited speaker in more than 100 International and National Congress

Editorial and other activities
-Managing Editor of the Journal Frontiers in Bioscience
-Member of the Board of Reproductive Toxicology and Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology
-Editorial Board di Reproductive Toxicology (2005-2007)
-Associate Editor Andrology (2012-)
-Associate Editor the scientific world journal (2012-)
-Associate Editor World journal of translational (2012-)
-Editor of Frontiers in Endocrinology
-Member of the board of the Journal Hormone
-Co-Editor with M. Muratori of the E-Book springer: "Damage in the genetic material of human spermatozoa: relation to fertility" (2013)
-Journal of Reproductive Immunology (guest editor of the special issue on male genital tract infection and infertility, 2013)
-Scientific Committee International Meetings Rapid Actions of Steroid Hormones (2001-2010)
-Member of the International Liaison Committee (American Society of Andrology)
-Member of the Award Committee (American Society of Andrology)
-Member of the Programme Organizing Committee of European Congress of Andrology in 2006 and 2010.
-Referee of grant proposal (including the Wellcome and the ONHMRC-Grant-Net (Australia), University of Milan, Science Foundation of Ireland, National Medical Research Council of Singapore)
-Referee of several International Journals

Financied Projects
-PRIN 2007-2010: Unit responsible (49.714 €)
-PRIN 2009-2013: Unit responsible (93000 €)
-Ministry of Health: Integrated programs in oncologic research 2006: participant (50000 €)
-FIRB 2010 to Sara Marchiani (total funding: 853000, participant)
-Project Serono: Significance of the polymorphism p.N680S for the efficacy of FSH therapy of idiopathic male infertility: a pharmacogenetic approach (10.000€)

Actual fields of research
-Sperm Biology: capacitation, acrosome reaction, motility. Nongenomic effects of steroid hormones. New predictive parameters of fertility status. Investigation on the origin and the consequences on reproduction of sperm DNA fragmentation. Role of the calcium channel CatSper in sperm function.
-Prostate cancer cell biology, study of the mechanisms that regulate invasion and development of androgen resistence


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  2. Baldi E, Salmon S, Anselmi B, Spillantini M.G, Cappelli G, Brocchi A, Sicuteri F. Intermittent hypoendorpinemia in migraine attack. Cephalalgia, 1982;2:77-82.
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