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Editorial Board

SUN YING-HAO, Prof. & M.D.

General Information
Name: Sun Ying-Hao
Date and place of birth: Rushan City, Shandong Province, China. May 17, 1961
Nationality: People’s Republic of China
Marital Status: Married
Address: 168 Changhai Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, 200433
Tel: 0086 81870001
Fax: 0086 21 35030006
E-mail: sunyh@medmail.com.cn

Present Title
Second Military Medical University (SMMU), Shanghai, China
Prostate Disease Institute of PLA, Shanghai, China
The First Batch of Endoscopic Training Bases of Health Department of PRC, Shanghai, China
Shanghai Center for Urology Clinical Quality Control, Shanghai, China

1978.09-1983.07: First Military Medical University Guangzhou, China (Bachelor of Medicine)
1985.09-1998.07: Second Military Medical University Shanghai, China (Master of Medicine)
1995.11-1996.10: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland, USA (Fellow)
1997.07-2000.05: Second Military Medical University  Shanghai, China (Doctor of Medicine)

Academic Experience
1983.09-1985.08: Teaching assistant of Urology, Second Military Medical University, China
1988.08-1994.07: Lecturer of Urology, Second Military Medical University, China
1994.08-1999.07: Associate Professor of Urology, Second Military Medical University, China
1999.09-present: Professor of Urology, Second Military Medical University, China

Clinical Experience
1983.09-1985.08: Resident at Department of Urology, Changhai Hospital, Shanghai China
1988.08-1994.07: Attending at Department of Urology, Changhai Hospital, Shanghai China
1994.08-1999.09: Vice Director at Department of Urology, Changhai Hospital, Shanghai China
1999.09-present: Director at Department of Urology, Changhai Hospital, Shanghai China

Professional Certifications

  • Certificate of Medical Licensure (surgery) issued by Ministry of Health of PRC: 199983111610517521286

Appointments in Academic Societies

  • Member of BOC, SIU
  • Chairman of Local Organizing Committee of 30th SIU
  • Chairman of  Scholarship & Institute Commitee, SIU
  • Member of BOD, Endourological Society
  • Co-president and Executive president of 26th WCE
  • Council member of Clinical Research Office of Endourological Society
  • President-elect of Urological Association of Asia
  • Council of East- Asia Society of Endourology
  • Member of BOD, SRS Asian Urology
  • President of Chinese Urological Association (CUA)
  • Chair of Endourology & SWL branch of CUA
  • President of Urological Society of PLA
  • Past President of Urological Society of Shanghai Medical Association
  • Vice President of Shanghai Medical Association
  • Vice president of Shanghai Association for Science & Technology
  • President of Shanghai Association of Urology Surgeons
  • Member of European Association of Urology (EAU)
  • International member of American Urological Association (AUA)
  • International member of American Association of Genitourinary Surgeons (AAGUS)

Research and Clinical Interests:

  • Management of PCa and Hormone-Resistant PCa
  • Urologic Stones
  • Endourologic Surgery
  • Urologic Oncology
  • Minimal Invasive Management of Urinary Lithiasis

Editorial Activities

  • Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Endourology
  • International Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Urology
  • Member of Editorial Board, Urologia Internationalis
  • Member of Editorial Board, Brish Journal of Urology International
  • Member of Editorial Board, Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations
  • Editors-in-chief, Journal of Chinese Endourolgy
  • Editors-in-chief, Chinese Journal of Urology
  • Associate Editors-in-chief, Chinese Journal of Surgery
  • Associate Editors-in-chief, Journal of Clinical Urology
  • Associate Editors-in-chief, Shanghai Medical Journal
  • Member of Editorial Board, British Journal of Medicine (Chinese version)
  • Member of Editorial Board, Chinese Medical Journal (English Version)
  • Member of Editorial Board, Chinese Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Member of Editorial Board, Chinese Journal of Surgery Almanac
  • Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Modern Uorology
  • Member of Editorial Board, Academic Journal of Second Military Medical University
  • Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Urinary System

Award and Patent

  • 1st prize in the National Sci-Tech Advance Award (2012-J-253-1-01-R01), 2012
  • 1st prize in the Sci-Tech Advance Award of Shanghai (20124007-1-R01 ), 2012
  • 1st prize in the Medical Sci-Tech Award of Shanghai (2009010201), 2010
  • 2nd prize in the Sci-Tech Advance Award of Shanghai (20094187-2-R01), 2009
  • 2nd prize in the National Sci-Tech Advance Award (2007-J-253-2-04-R01), 2007
  • 1st prize in the Sci-Tech Advance Award of Shanghai (20064138-1-R01), 2006
  • 1st prize in Medical Achievements Award of PLA (2006-1-4-1), 2006
  • 1st prize in Medical Achievements Award of PLA (2001-1-3-1), 2001
  • 2nd prize in Medical Achievements Award of PLA (99-2-26-1), 1999
  • 3rd prize in the Sci-Tech Adance Award of PLA (98-3-94-1),1999
  • 3rd prize in the Medical Sci-Tech Adance Award of PRC (20020313P0601), 2002
  • 2nd prize in the Sci-Tech Advance Award of Shanghai (032097-02), 2003
  • 2nd prize in the Sci-Tech Advance Award of PLA (90-2-118-4), 1991
  • 2nd prize in the Sci-Tech Advance Award of PLA (91-2-129-4), 1991
  • Winner of Outstanding Professional Technical Personnel of PLA, 2012
  • Chief- scientist of 973 program, 2011
  • Winner of the Prize for Scientific and Techonological Progress, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, 2011
  • Winner of Minimally Invasive Endoscopy Prestigious Doctors Award, Endos Award in Medical Science & Technology, 2011
  • Outstanding worker of popular science of PRC, 2010
  • Outstanding worker of popular science of Shanghai, 2010
  • Top 10 Sci-Tech Elite Award of Shanghai, 2009
  • National Hero in Earthquake Relief, 2008
  • 1st prize in Silver Snake Award of Shanghai, 2003
  • 2nd prize Wu Jieping Medical Awards, 2002
  • Winners of National Outstanding Youth Foundation Program, 2001
  • Spiral type double J stent (ZL 00 2 18837.6), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2001
  • Electronic lithoclast lithotripter (ZL 02 2 60819.2), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2003
  • Subcutaneous penile prosthesis (ZL 03 2 06155.2), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2004
  • Flex-tip ureteroscope (ZL 2003 2 0121953.0), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2006
  • Plum blossom shaped catheter (ZL 2008 2 0157476.6) Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2009
  • A special sheath for minimal invasive surgery (ZL 200920350581.6), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2010
  • Continuous irrigating flexible cystoscopy sheath (200820157475.1), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2010
  • Highly efficient PCNL sheath (ZL 201020142683.1), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2010
  • Single port Sheath with Multi-pass for minimally invasive surgery, Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2011
  • Right angled scissors for minimally invasive surgery, Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2011
  • A probe for ureter distraction in Minimally invasive surgery, Invention Patent of PRC, 2011
  • A simple, convenient and pratical scrotal support, Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2011
  • A auxiliary box for incubator (ZL 201120210848.9), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2012
  • A simulator for abdominal incision (ZL 201220093265.7), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2012
  • Electronic utrasonic fexible cystoscope (ZL 201220053110.0), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2012
  • Confocal laser electronic fexibel cystoscope (ZL 201220053502.7), Utility Model Patent of PRC, 2012

Research Grant:

  • The study of circulating long-noncoding RNAin the role of predicting the recurrence and metastasis of prostate cancer andits mechanism, Key project of  National Natural Science Foundation of China,  2014 3,200,000RMB
  • Study on novel integrated therapeutic modalityfor prostate cancer based on molecular classification, Key Basic Research Project of Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology Foundation, 2014 6,000,000 RMB
  • A study on screening, early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for prostate cancer, Joint Research Project on Major Disease supported by Shanghai Health Bureau, 2013 3,750,000RMB
  • Minimally invasive medical center of Shanghai, Top Priority Constructive Project on Clinical Medicine Center of Shanghai, 2012 10,000,0000 RMB
  • Early diagnosis and target therapy for PCa, Grant for Innovation Team by Minstry of Education, 2011 3000,000RMB
  • A study on Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Strategies for Prostate Cancer, National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (973 Program), 2011 40,000,000 RMB
  • Platform construction for technique of clinical assessment in new drugs treating  tumor and genitourinary disease, the “Twelfth FiveYear Plan”of New drug research project supported by National Sci-Tech Department, 2011  9,405,300RMB
  • Application of Transvesical natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery for diagnosis and treatment of closed abdominal trauma under field conditions, Major Project for Clinical High-tech and Innovative Technology of PLA, 2010 400,000RMB
  • Clinical Researches and standardized promotion of SPL in urologic surgery, Joint Key Project on New Frontier Technology of Shanghai Municipal Hospitals, 2010 20,000,000RMB
  • Research and Development of genetic testing reagent for individualized diagnose and treatment for PCa, Key Technologies R & D Program of Shanghai 2010 800,000RMB
  • Platform construction for technique of clinical assessment in new drugs treating  tumor and genitourinary disease, the “Eleventh FiveYear Plan” of New drug research project supported by National Sci-Tech Department, 2009 1,186,000RMB           
  • A Study on Partial Androgen Deficiency in Aging Male and Related Diseases, Key Basic Research Foundation of Shanghai Municipal Government, 2009  4,300,000RMB
  •   miRNA in androgen independent transition of prostate cancer, Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology Foundation, 2008  250,000RMB
  •   Hypoxia induced androgen independent transition of LNCaP and related molecular biology mechanism, National Natural Science Foundation Project,2008  280,000RMB
  •   Relationship between bone mesenchymal stem cells and bone metastasis of prostate cancer, the Medical Leading Talents Foundation of Shanghai, China 2005 500,000RMB
  • A study on predicting sensitivity of advanced prostate cancer to hormone treatment, Key project supported by Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, China 2006 1400,000RMB
  • A study on treatment of accurate renal failure following trauma, PLA general program, 2004  150,000RMB
  • Diagnosis and treatment for PCa, “10th five-year” Key Technologies R & D Program of PLA, 2004  600,000RMB
  • Screening and cloning of aging related genes for escaping cells in bladder tumor cell lines, 100 Talents project of Shanghai Health System, 2003  600,000RMB
  • Establishment of immunodeficiency animal model for Chinese prostate cancer and study on the lose of androgen dependence in prostate cancer, National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project, 2003  1000,000RMB
  • study on differential characteristic in prostate cancer between eastern and western men, International Cooperation Program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China 2003  600,000RMB
  • Experimental investigation on reformed adenovirus transfecting bladder transitional cells in preventing recurrence of PCa, PLA Grant for Distinguished Young Scholars, 2001 300,000RMB
  • Early diagnosis and treatment for Prostate Cancer, “10th five-year” Key Technologies R & D Program of PLA, 2001 400,000RMB
  • Minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer, “10th five-year” Key Technologies R & D Program of PLA, 2001 600,000RMB

Peer Reviewed Paper
As first or corresponding author

  1. Sun Yinghao, Wang Linhui, Qian Songxi, Liao Guoqiang, Xu Chuanliang, Gao Xu, Ma Yongjiang: Treatment of Urinary Calculi with Ureteroscopy and Swiss Lithoclast neumatic Lithotripter: Report of 150 Case. Journal of Endourology 2000; 14(3):281
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  7. Wang Linhui, Qi Xiaosheng, Sun Yinghao, Liang Li, and Ju Dianwen: Adenovirus-mediated combined P16 gene and GM-CSF gene therapy for the treatment of established tumor and induction of antitumor immunity. Cancer Gene Therapy 2002,9(10):819-24
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Associate Editor-in-Chief

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Member of Editorial Board

  • Chinese Surgical Almanac, 2nd Military Medical MedicineUniversity Press, Shanghai 1998
  • Emergency Surgery, 2nd Military Medical MedicineUniversity Press, Shanghai 2000
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Invited Lecturer/Faculty in International Meetings

  • High Power Holmium Laser in Nephrolithotomy, 23rd WCE in Amsterdam, 2005
  • Tip-flexible URS, 24th WCE in Cleveland, 2006
  • Surgical Management of PCa in China, 2008 Severance Urologic Symposium in Yonsei, Korea, 2008
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  • Minimally Invasive Surgery of  BPH- Guideline and Update, in Asia-pacific Urology Consortium, Nagasaki, Japan, 2010
  • Panelist: Nightmare in Endourology (ESWL, URS, PCNL), 28th WCE in Chicago, USA, 2010
  • Moderating for MP: Urolithiasis 2, 29th WCE in Kyoto, Japan, 2011
  • Panelist: Complex Clinical Scenarios in Endourology, 29th WCE in Kyoto, Japan, 2011
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  • Prostate cancer in China, EAU2013 Annual Meeting in Milan,2013
  • Sun’s Tip-flexible semi-rigid Uretoroscope, 12th ACU in Iran, 2014

Educational work
Fellowship program
2008-2009 Dr. Ri Chol Yong, North Korea
2008-2009 Dr. Iwala Leonce, Gabon
2009-2010 Dr. Zadran Nasser Ahmad, Afghanistan
Annually training course for doctors from other hospitals in China

Meeting Organization

  • 26th World Congress of Endourology & SWL (Nov.30-Dec.3, 2008, more than 2000 attendees), Shanghai, China, Co-president and Exectutive president
  • 30th Congress of Société Internationale d'Urolog (Nov 1 - Nov 5, about 3500 attendees), Shanghai, China President of Local Organizing Committee
  • Endourological Symposium in conjunction with ASU training course(Apr 12 - Apr 15, 2007, around 1500 attendees), Shanghai, China, President
  • Annual meeting of Shanghai Urological Soceity (400 attendees on average), Shanghai, China, President
  • Oriental Forum of Prostate Disease,(from 2005-2007, 350 attendees on average), Shanghai, China, President
  • Annual Forum of Prostate Disease (more than 400 attendees on average), Shanghai, China President
  • Annual meeting of Endourolgical Branch of CUA, President
  • 21st Annual Meeting of Chinese Urological Association(Oct 23 - Oct 26, 2014 ), Ji nan of Shandong Province, China

Public Service
1. 2008, Commander of medical team of Chinese Army to Shichun after 5·12 earthquake, awarded by the State Council of PRC the honor of Model Example of Earthquake-relief Hero
2. 2010, Expo Security Work, strategy planning and coordinating as the president of Shanhgai Changhai Hospital designated hospital for Expo 2010.
3. Popular Science Propaganda Education
4. Free medical consultation for communities

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