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Call for Papers

Dear colleague,

I am writing to you on behalf of the editorial team of the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) journal Asian Journal of Andrology (www.nature.com/aja), to request whether you would be interested in submitting your next scientific research paper as an Original Article to the journal. A brief introduction to Asian Journal of Andrology appears at the bottom of this email.

Asian Journal of Andrology is devoted to the rapid publication of research papers discussing all aspects of andrology, including modern, traditional and epidemiological research. Fields of particular interest to the journal include:

  1. Sperm Biology: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

  2. Male Reproductive System: Structure and Function

  3. Hormonal Regulation of Male Reproduction

  4. Male Infertility:Etiology, Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

  5. Semen Analysis & Sperm Functional Assays

  6. Sperm Selection & Quality and ART Outcomes

  7. Male Sexual Dysfunction

  8. Male Puberty Development

  9. Male Ageing

  10. Prostate Diseases

  11. Operational Andrology

  12. HIV & Male Reproductive Tract Infection

  13. Male Contraception

  14. Environmental, Life Style, Genetic Factors and Male Health

  15. Male Reproductive Toxicology

  16. Male Sexual and Reproductive Health

Prospective authors are requested to carefully follow the submission process described below:

(1) Prepare manuscripts according to the guidelines described on the web page: http://www.asiaandro.com or http://www.nature.com/aja
A free sample can be downloaded via http://www.asiaandro.com/ep1-3.asp.

(2) Submit manuscripts through SCHOLARONE Manuscript Central at: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/aja
Upon acceptance for publication, the authors are requested to pay page charges [A charge of US$130 per printed page will be levied on all manuscripts accepted. If color figures are involved, a cost of US$320 per color page is requested from the authors].

For additional guidelines on manuscript preparation, and for information about NPG’s language editing service, please visit the web page at: http://www.asiaandro.com or http://www.nature.com/aja

We sincerely hope to have the chance to work with you, and have your research achievements showcased in our journal.

Editorial Office, Asian Journal of Andrology
Room 302, Building 16, 294 Tai-yuan Rd, Shanghai 200031, China
Phone: 86-21-5492 2824
Fax: 86-21-5492 2825
E-mail: aja@sibs.ac.cn; aja@mail.shcnc.ac.cn
URL: http://www.AsiaAndro.com

***About the Asian Journal of Andrology (AJA)***
The Asian Journal of Andrology is the official Journal of the Asian Society of Andrology. The journal has its headquarters in Shanghai, China and is sponsored by the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. AJA was launched in 1999 and is published bimonthly by Nature Publishing Group in the English language. With a 12-year history, AJA continues to grow and has become one of the main internationally recognized peer-review journals in the field of andrology. The 2010 Impact Factor of 1.549 ranks AJA third out of five international andrological journals. Our partnership with Nature Publishing Group means the journal has high visibility and an increasing global readership via the nature.com platform – more details are available in this email and at the journal website – http://www.nature.com/aja – or our alternative homepage – http://www.asiaandro.com/. Since July 2011, we now also offer an Open Access option for interested authors.
The journal has an international authorship and readership and we are focussed on developing the best editorial services for authors and providing the best content for readers.
Since the journal first launched in 1999, the editorial team has been dedicated to building an academic platform for the exchange of scientific information in order to promote communication and cooperation among scientists and doctors from all over the world. In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid development of the field of andrology in Asia, which has now become one of the key medical research hubs in the world. By publishing your contribution in the Asian Journal of Andrology, your article will be widely distributed – and read – and will reach many potential collaborators.
The editorial team is led by Prof. Yi-Fei Wang, Editor-in-Chief, and includes a highly respected international editorial board. Together, the editorial team of the Asian Journal of Andrology and NPG look to further define and shape the field of andrology and related sciences.

Copyright 1999-2017  Shanghai Materia Medica, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  All rights reserved