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Table of contents

Volume 24, Issue 3 (May 2022)

Editorial | Review | Commentary | Original Article | Letter to the Editor |

Genetics of Male Infertility
(Guest editors: Prof. Feng Zhang)
Genetics of Male Infertility

Male Fertility
“Progressive motility” in elucidating novel genetic causes of male infertility
Feng Zhang1,2,3
Asian J Androl 24: 229-230; 10.4103/aja202231
Full Text | PDF [427] PDF [427]
Sperm Biology
Genetic pathogenesis of acephalic spermatozoa syndrome: past, present, and future
Yu Wang1,2,3,4, Ming-Fei Xiang1,2,3,4, Na Zheng1,2,3,4, Yun-Xia Cao1,2,3,4, Fu-Xi Zhu1,2,3,4
Asian J Androl 24: 231-237; 10.4103/aja202198
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [444] PDF [444]
The roles of intraflagellar transport (IFT) protein 25 in mammalian signaling transduction and flagellogenesis
Yong-Hong Man1,2, Isabella Warmbrunn3, Ling Zhang1, Zhi-Bing Zhang3,4
Asian J Androl 24: 238-242; 10.4103/aja202179
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [588] PDF [588]
Original Article
Male Fertility
From azoospermia to macrozoospermia, a phenotypic continuum due to mutations in the ZMYND15 gene
Zine-Eddine Kherraf1,2, Caroline Cazin1,2, Florence Lestrade3, Jana Muronova1, Charles Coutton1,4, Christophe Arnoult1, Nicolas Thierry-Mieg5, Pierre F Ray1,2
Asian J Androl 24: 243-247; 10.4103/aja202194
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [415] PDF [415]
Male Infertility
Investigation of the genetic etiology in male infertility with apparently balanced chromosomal structural rearrangements by genome sequencing
Matthew Hoi Kin Chau1,2,3, Ying Li1,2, Peng Dai4, Mengmeng Shi1,2, Xiaofan Zhu4, Jacqueline Pui Wah Chung1, Yvonne K Kwok1,2, Kwong Wai Choy1,2,3,5, Xiangdong Kong4, Zirui Dong1,2,3
Asian J Androl 24: 248-254; 10.4103/aja2021106
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [590] PDF [590]
A recurrent homozygous missense mutation in CCDC103 causes asthenoteratozoospermia due to disorganized dynein arms
Muhammad Zubair1, Ranjha Khan1, Ao Ma1, Uzma Hameed2, Mazhar Khan1, Tanveer Abbas1, Riaz Ahmad3, Jian-Teng Zhou1, Wasim Shah1, Ansar Hussain1, Nisar Ahmed1, Ihsan Khan1, Khalid Khan1, Yuan-Wei Zhang1, Huan Zhang1, Li-Min Wu1, Qing-Hua Shi1
Asian J Androl 24: 255-259; 10.4103/aja2021122
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [588] PDF [588]
Sperm-specific protein ACTL7A as a biomarker for fertilization outcomes of assisted reproductive technology
Tian-Ying Yang1, Ying Chen1, Guo-Wu Chen1, Yi-Si Sun2, Zhi-Chao Li1, Xiao-Rong Shen2, Yi-Ni Zhang1, Wen He1, Dan Zhou1, Hui-Juan Shi2, Ai-Jie Xin2, Xiao-Xi Sun1,3,4
Asian J Androl 24: 260-265; 10.4103/aja2021111
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [403] PDF [403]
Male Fertility
CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing reveals 12 testis-enriched genes dispensable for male fertility in mice
Yuki Oyama1,2, Haruhiko Miyata2, Keisuke Shimada2, Yoshitaka Fujihara2,3, Keizo Tokuhiro4, Thomas X Garcia5,6,7, Martin M Matzuk5,6, Masahito Ikawa1,2,8
Asian J Androl 24: 266-272; 10.4103/aja.aja_63_21
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [413] PDF [413]
Sperm Biology
Commentary on “CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing reveals 12 testis-enriched genes dispensable for male fertility in mice”
Brendan J Houston
Asian J Androl 24: 273-273; 10.4103/aja202196
Full Text | PDF [394] PDF [394]
Male Fertility
Endocrine aberrations of human nonobstructive azoospermia
Yong Tao
Asian J Androl 24: 274-286; 10.4103/aja202181
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [429] PDF [429]
Original Article
Male Infertility
Intrauterine insemination with donor sperm: only the number of motile spermatozoa inseminated influences both pregnancy and live-birth rates
Marie Cardey-Lefort1, Berengere Ducrocq1, Audrey Uk1, Helen Behal2, Anne-Laure Barbotin1, Geoffroy Robin3
Asian J Androl 24: 287-293; 10.4103/aja202149
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [576] PDF [576]
Operational Andrology
Effects of plication procedures in special cases of Peyronie's disease: a single-center retrospective study of 72 patients
Wen Ji Li, Jie-Wen Bao, Jian-Hua Guo, Da-Chao Zheng, Min-Kai Xie, Zhong Wang
Asian J Androl 24: 294-298; 10.4103/aja202219
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [395] PDF [395]
Male Fertility
Comparison of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) outcomes in infertile men with spermatogenic impairment of differing severity
Ping Ping1,2, Zhong Zheng1,2, Yi Ma1,2, Sha-Sha Zou3, Xiang-Feng Chen1,2,3
Asian J Androl 24: 299-304; 10.4103/aja202151
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [399] PDF [399]
Prostate Disease
The comparison of survival between active surveillance or watchful waiting and focal therapy for low-risk prostate cancer: a real-world study from the SEER database
Qi-Ming Yuan, Tian-Hai Lin, Kun Jin, Shi Qiu, Xiang-Hong Zhou, Di Jin, Jia-Kun Li, Lu Yang, Qiang Wei
Asian J Androl 24: 305-310; 10.4103/aja202159
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [402] PDF [402]
Operational Andrology
Application of the Mathieu combined tunnel technique for repairing glans dehiscence after failed hypospadias repair
Qi-Gen Xie1,2, Kai Xia2, Xiang-Ping Li2, Peng Luo2, Zuo-Qing Li1, Cheng Su1, Chun-Hua Deng2
Asian J Androl 24: 311-316; 10.4103/aja202163
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [381] PDF [381]
Male Fertility
Association of sexually transmitted infection with semen quality in men from couples with primary and secondary infertility
Shun Bai1, Yuan Li2, Mei-Hong Hu1, Li Wu1, Li-Jun Shui1, Xiao-Han Wang3, Yi-Xun Liu4, Qiu-Ling Yue5, Li-Na Yu5, Kai-Qiang Fu6, Xian-Hong Tong1, Xue-Chun Hu4, Bo Xu1
Asian J Androl 24: 317-322; 10.4103/aja202164
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [407] PDF [407]
Male Reproductive Health
Effect of thermophilic bacterium HB27 manganese superoxide dismutase in a rat model of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS)
Nai-Wen Chen1,2, Jing Jin2, Hong Xu1,2, Xue-Cheng Wei1,2, Ling-Feng Wu2, Wen-Hua Xie2, Yu-Xiang Cheng2,3, Yi He2, Jin-Lai Gao4
Asian J Androl 24: 323-331; 10.4103/aja202157
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [405] PDF [405]
Letter to the Editor
Male sexual function/ED
Novel treatment for post-orgasmic illness syndrome: a case report and literature review
Tian-Bao Huang1,2, Jun-Jie Yu1,2, Yong-Jun Du1,2, Zhi-Yong Liu3
Asian J Androl 24: 332-334; 10.4103/aja202170
Full Text | PDF [404] PDF [404]
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