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Table of contents

Volume 6, Issue 2 (Jun 2004)

Original Article | Review | Other | Editorial |
Original Article
Male sexual function/ED
Expression of a novel pyridoxal kinase mRNA splice variant, PKH-T, in human testis
X. Fang, Z.M. Zhou, L. Lu, L.L. Yin, J.M. Li, Y. Zhen, H. Wang, J.H. Sha
Asian J Androl 6: 83-91;
Abstract | Full Text |
Sperm Biology
Percoll fractionation of adult mouse spermatogonia improves germ cell transplantation
Kyu-Bom Koh1, Masatoshi Komiyama1, 2, Yoshiro Toyama3, Tetsuya Adachi4, Chisato Mori1, 5
Asian J Androl 6: 93-98;
Abstract | Full Text |
Prostate Disease
Management of erectile dysfunction: barriers faced by general practitioners
W.Y. Low, C.J. Ng, N.C. Tan, W.Y. Choo, H.M. Tan
Asian J Androl 6: 99-104;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Stage-specific localization of transforming growth factor b1 and b3 and their receptors during spermatogenesis in men
Y.Q. Zhang, X.Z. He, J.S. Zhang, R.A. Wang, J. Zhou, R.J. Xu
Asian J Androl 6: 105-109;
Abstract | Full Text |
Fibrosis of corpus cavernosum in animals following cavernous nerve ablation
W.L. Hu, L.Q. Hu, J. Song, S.W. Li, X.M. Zheng, B. Cheng, B.C. Tian
Asian J Androl 6: 111-116;
Abstract | Full Text |
Reasons for discontinuation of sildenafil citrate after successful restoration of erectile function
H. Son, K. Park, S.W. Kim, J.S. Paick
Asian J Androl 6: 117-120;
Abstract | Full Text |
Sexual function of premature ejaculation patients assayed with Chinese Index of Premature Ejaculation
Y.M. Yuan, Z.C. Xin, H. Jiang, Y.J. Guo, W.J. Liu, L. Tian, J.C. Zhu
Asian J Androl 6: 121-126;
Abstract | Full Text |
Relaxation of rabbit cavernous smooth muscle to 17b-estradiol: a non-genomic, NO-independent mechanism
S.C. Kim, K.K. Seo, S.C. Myung, M.Y. Lee
Asian J Androl 6: 127-131;
Abstract | Full Text |
Effect of follicle-stimulating hormone on sperm quality and pregnancy rate
B. Baccetti, P. Piomboni, E. Bruni, S. Capitani, L. Gambera, E. Moretti, K. Sterzik, E. Strehler
Asian J Androl 6: 133-137;
Abstract | Full Text |
Sperm DNA damage and its clinical relevance in assessing reproductive outcome
R.K. Sharma, T. Said, A. Agarwal
Asian J Androl 6: 139-148;
Abstract | Full Text |
Molecular identity, expression and functional analysis of interleukin-1a and its isoforms in rat testis
T. Sultana, K.V. Svechnikov, K. Gustafsson, A. Wahlgren, E. Tham, G. Weber, O. Söder
Asian J Androl 6: 149-153;
Abstract | Full Text |
Antifertility effects of methanolic pod extract of Albizzia lebbeck (L.) Benth in male rats
R.S. Gupta, J.B.S. Kachhawa, R. Chaudhary
Asian J Androl 6: 155-159;
Abstract | Full Text |
Ischemic glans penis after circumcision
.S. Tzeng, S.H. Tang, E. Meng, T.F. Lin, G.H. Sun
Asian J Androl 6: 161-163;
Abstract | Full Text |
46, XX male sex reversal syndrome
J.H. Li, T.H. Huang, X.W. Jiang , Q.D. Xie
Asian J Androl 6: 165-167;
Abstract | Full Text |
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