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Table of contents

Volume 19, Issue 5 (Sep 2017)

Editorial | Research Highlight | Review | Original Article | Clinician Workshop | Letter to the Editor |
The Asian Journal of Andrology’s audit to detect fake reviewing: trust ... but check
Yi-Fei Wang, David Handelsman, Trevor G Cooper
Asian J Androl 19: 511-511; DOI:10.4103/aja.aja_31_17
Full Text | PDF [2012]
Research Highlight
Male Ageing
Testosterone treatment in older men: glass half empty or half full?
Brendan J Nolan1, Mathis Grossmann1, 2
Asian J Androl 19: 512-514; 10.4103/aja.aja_14_17
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1972]
Male Fertility
Genetic factors contributing to human primary ciliary dyskinesia and male infertility
Zhi-Yong Ji, Yan-Wei Sha, Lu Ding, Ping Li
Asian J Androl 19: 515-520; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.181227
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1986]
Original Article
Decline of semen quality among Chinese sperm bank donors within 7 years (2008-2014)
Li Wang1, Lin Zhang2, Xiao-Hui Song2, Hao-Bo Zhang2, Cheng-Yan Xu1, Zi-Jiang Chen1
Asian J Androl 19: 521-525; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.179533
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1889]
Male sexual function/ED
Functional and structural changes in internal pudendal arteries underlie erectile dysfunction induced by androgen deprivation
Rhéure Alves-Lopes1, Karla B Neves2, Marcondes AB Silva1, Vania C Olivon1, Silvia G Ruginsk3, José Antunes-Rodrigues4, Leandra NZ Ramalho5, Rita C Tostes1, Fernando Silva Carneiro1
Asian J Androl 19: 526-532; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.173935
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1961]
Sperm Biology
Induction of ultra-morphological features of apoptosis in mature and immature sperm
Sonja Grunewald1, Guenther Fitzl2, Christopher Springsguth1
Asian J Androl 19: 533-537; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.180974
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1833]
Androgen receptor gene CAG and GGN repeat lengths as predictors of recovery of spermatogenesis following testicular germ cell cancer treatment
Karolina Bogefors1,2, Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman3, Jakob Eberhard4, Olof Stahl4, Eva Cavallin‑Stahl4, Gabriella Cohn‑Cedermark5, Stefan Arver6, Aleksander Giwercman1,3
Asian J Androl 19: 538-542; 10.4103/1008-682X.191126
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1835]
Male Reproductive Health
Mesenchymal stem cells from human umbilical cord ameliorate testicular dysfunction in a male rat hypogonadism model
Zhi-Yuan Zhang, Xiao-Yu Xing, Guan-Qun Ju, Liang Zhong, Jie Sun
Asian J Androl 19: 543-547; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.186186
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1859]
Prostate Disease
Transrectal microwave thermotherapy causing a short-time influence on sperm quality in Chinese chronic nonbacterial prostatitis patients
Jia-Xin Jin1, Han-Zhang Wang2, Zheng-Xing Zhai1, Bao-Liang Ma1, Qin-Fang Li1, Nan Xiao1, Zhi-Ping Wang1, Ronald Rodriguez2
Asian J Androl 19: 548-553; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.185852
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1807]
Male sexual function/ED
Relation of size of seminal vesicles on ultrasound to premature ejaculation
Zhi-Wei Hong1, Yu-Ming Feng1, Yi-Feng Ge1, Jun Jing1, Xue-Chun Hu1, Jia-Ming Shen1, Long-Ping Peng2, Bing Yao1, Zhong-Cheng Xin3
Asian J Androl 19: 554-560; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.186187
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1174]
Sperm Biology
Toxic effects of polychlorinated biphenyls (Aroclor 1254) on human sperm motility
Li-Gang Jiang1, Lai-Yang Cheng1, Shu-Hui Kong2, Yang Yang1, Yan-Jun Shen1, Chao Chen1, Xiao-Hui Deng1, Shu-Zhen Liu3, Lan Chao1
Asian J Androl 19: 561-566; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.186876
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1867]
Male Fertility
Vitamin B12-induced spermatogenesis recovery in cimetidine-treated rats: effect on the spermatogonia number and sperm concentration
Flávia L Beltrame1, Estela Sasso-Cerri2
Asian J Androl 19: 567-572; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.182397
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1808]
Prostate Disease
Predictive efficacy of the 2014 International Society of Urological Pathology Gleason grading system in initially diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer
Guang-Xi Sun1, Peng-Fei Shen1, Xing-Ming Zhang1, Jing Gong2, Hao-Jun Gui1, Kun-Peng Shu1, Jiang-Dong Liu1, Jinge Zhao1, Yao-Jing Yang1, Xue-Qin Chen2, Ni Chen2, Hao Zeng1
Asian J Androl 19: 573-578; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.186184
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1805]
Peripheral monocyte count: an independent diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for prostate cancer - a large Chinese cohort study
Yan-Qing Wang1, Yin-Jie Zhu1, Jia-Hua Pan1, Fan Xu1, Xiao-Guang Shao1, Jian-Jun Sha1, Qiang Liu2, Yi-Ran Huang1, Bai-Jun Dong1, Wei Xue1
Asian J Androl 19: 579-585; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.186185
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [2023]
Prostate cancer prediction using the random forest algorithm that takes into account transrectal ultrasound findings, age, and serum levels of prostate-specific antigen
Li-Hong Xiao1, Pei-Ran Chen2, Zhong-Ping Gou3, Yong-Zhong Li4, Mei Li3, Liang-Cheng Xiang2, Ping Feng3
Asian J Androl 19: 586-590; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.186884
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [2074]
Sperm Biology
MicroRNA-27a-mediated repression of cysteine-rich secretory protein 2 translation in asthenoteratozoospermic patients
Jun-Hao Zhou1, Qi-Zhao Zhou1, Jian-Kun Yang1, Xiao-Ming Lyu2, Jun Bian1, Wen-Bin Guo1, Zi-Jian Chen1, Ming Xia1, Hui Xia1, Tao Qi3, Xin Li4, Cun-Dong Liu1
Asian J Androl 19: 591-595; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.185001
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1821]
Prostate Disease
Impact of androgen-deprivation therapy on the outcome of dose-escalation prostate cancer radiotherapy without elective pelvic irradiation
Wei-Hsien Hou1, Chao-Yuan Huang2, Chia-Chun Wang1, Keng-Hsueh Lan1, Chung-Hsin Chen2, Hong-Jen Yu2, Shih-Ping Liu2, Ming-Kuen Lai2, Yeong-Shau Pu2, Jason Chia-Hsien Cheng3
Asian J Androl 19: 596-601; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.183569
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1761]
Male sexual function/ED
Exercise improves the effects of testosterone replacement therapy and the durability of response after cessation of treatment: a pilot randomized controlled trial
Dae-Yeon Cho1, Jeong Kyun Yeo2, Seung Ik Cho3, Jae Eun Jung4, Sang Jin Yang3, Doo Hwan Kong4, Jeong Ku Ha4, Jin Goo Kim3, Min Gu Park2
Asian J Androl 19: 602-607; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.184269
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1752]
Clinician Workshop
Prostate Disease
Bipolar transurethral enucleation of prostate versus photoselective vaporization for symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (>70 ml)
Xiao-Nan Mu1, Si-Jun Wang2, Ji Chen3, Xun-Bo Jin3, Zhong-Xian Huang2, Long-Yang Zhang2
Asian J Androl 19: 608-612; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.178484
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1807]
Letter to the Editor
Male Fertility
First successful pregnancy outcome after intracytoplasmic sperm injection with short-tailed sperm from an infertile Han Chinese man
Yan-Wei Sha, Qing Zhang, Lu Ding, Ping Li
Asian J Androl 19: 613-614; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.182395
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1693]
A case of deep vein thrombosis in a young male treated with tamoxifen for idiopathic infertility
Stefano Allasia, Giovanna Motta, Marzia Mirabelli, Milena Paola Tagliabue, Fabio Lanfranco
Asian J Androl 19: 615-616; DOI:10.4103/1008-682X.184270
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [1729]
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