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Table of contents

Volume 20, Issue 5 (Sep 2018)

Original Article | Letter to the Editor |
Original Article
Sperm Biology
Increased expression of PELP1 in human sperm is correlated with decreased semen quality
Izabela Skibinska1, Miroslaw Andrusiewicz1, Michal Soin1, Magdalena Jendraszak1, Paulina Urbaniak1, Piotr Jedrzejczak2, Malgorzata Kotwicka1
Asian J Androl 20: 425-431; 10.4103/aja.aja_11_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [384] PDF [384]
Prostate Disease
Treatment strategy for metastatic prostate cancer with extremely high PSA level: reconsidering the value of vintage therapy
Yasutaka Yamada1,2, Shinichi Sakamoto2, Yoshiyasu Amiya1, Makoto Sasaki1, Takayuki Shima1, Akira Komiya2, Noriyuki Suzuki1, Koichiro Akakura3, Tomohiko Ichikawa2, Hiroomi Nakatsu1
Asian J Androl 20: 432-437; 10.4103/aja.aja_24_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [341] PDF [341]
Operational Andrology
Transurethral seminal vesiculoscopy for recurrent hemospermia: experience from 419 cases
Rui Chen1, Lei Wang1, Xia Sheng1, Shu-Guang Piao1, Xin-Wen Nian1, Xin Cheng1, Tie Zhou1, Hui-Zhen Li1, Ya-Wei Liu2, Guang-Hua Chen1, Chun-Lei Zhang1, De-Pei Kong1, Guang-An Xiao1, Xin Lu1, Zhen-Yu Jia1, Zhi-Yong Liu1, Ying-Hao Sun1
Asian J Androl 20: 438-441; 10.4103/aja.aja_76_17
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [330] PDF [330]
Male sexual function/ED
Nanotechnology-assisted adipose-derived stem cell (ADSC) therapy for erectile dysfunction of cavernous nerve injury: In vivo cell tracking, optimized injection dosage, and functional evaluation
Han Wu1,2,3, Wen-Hao Tang1,2,3,4, Lian-Ming Zhao1,2,3, De-Feng Liu2,3, Yu-Zhuo Yang2,3,4, Hai-Tao Zhang1,2,3, Zhe Zhang1,2,3, Kai Hong1,2,3, Hao-Cheng Lin1,2,3, Hui Jiang1,2,3,4
Asian J Androl 20: 442-447; 10.4103/aja.aja_48_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [345] PDF [345]
Pancreatic kininogenase improves erectile function in streptozotocin-induced type 2 diabetic rats with erectile dysfunction
Guo-Tao Chen, Bai-Bing Yang, Jian-Huai Chen, Zheng Zhang, Lei-Lei Zhu, He-Song Jiang, Wen Yu, Yun Chen, Yu-Tian Dai
Asian J Androl 20: 448-453; 10.4103/aja.aja_23_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [335] PDF [335]
Male Reproductive Health
Sperm origins and concentration do not impact the clinical outcomes in intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles
Cen Yang1,2,3, Ze-Hong Zhou1,2,3, Dan-Ni Zheng1,2,3, Xiao-Fei Xu1,2,3, Jin Huang1,2,3, Ying Lian1,2,3, Jie Qiao1,2,3
Asian J Androl 20: 454-458; DOI:10.4103/aja.aja_27_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [339] PDF [339]
Prostate Disease
Using the prostate imaging reporting and data system version 2 (PI-RIDS v2) to detect prostate cancer can prevent unnecessary biopsies and invasive treatment
Chang Liu1, Shi-Liang Liu1, Zhi-Xian Wang1, Kai Yu1, Chun-Xiang Feng1, Zan Ke2, Liang Wang2, Xiao-Yong Zeng1
Asian J Androl 20: 459-464; 10.4103/aja.aja_19_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [310] PDF [310]
Male sexual function/ED
Combination of stromal vascular fraction and Ad-COMP-Ang1 gene therapy improves long-term therapeutic efficacy for diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction
Guo-Nan Yin1, Lin Wang2, Xiang-Nan Lin2, Lei Shi2, Zhen-Lin Gao2, Feng-Chan Han3, Ping Li3, Yin-Chuan Jin4, Jun-Kyu Suh1, Ji-Kan Ryu1, Xiong Wang5, Hai-Rong Jin2
Asian J Androl 20: 465-472; 10.4103/aja.aja_16_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [339] PDF [339]
Male Endocrinology
Phenotypic and molecular characteristics of androgen insensitivity syndrome patients
Shi-Min Yuan1, Ya-Nan Zhang2, Juan Du1,3, Wen Li1,3, Chao-Feng Tu3, Lan-Lan Meng1, Ge Lin1,3, Guang-Xiu Lu1,3, Yue-Qiu Tan1,3
Asian J Androl 20: 473-478; 10.4103/aja.aja_17_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [325] PDF [325]
Sperm Biology
Stimulated by retinoic acid gene 8 (Stra8) plays important roles in many stages of spermatogenesis
Hai-Tao Ma1,2, Chang-Min Niu1,2, Jing Xia1,2, Xue-Yi Shen1,2, Meng-Meng Xia1,2, Yan-Qiu Hu3, Ying Zheng1,2
Asian J Androl 20: 479-487; DOI:10.4103/aja.aja_26_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [315] PDF [315]
Operational Andrology
Repeated penile girth enhancement with biodegradable scaffolds: Microscopic ultrastructural analysis and surgical benefits
Miroslav L Djordjevic1,2, Uros Bumbasirevic3, Borko Stojanovic2, Tamara Kravic Stevovic1, Tamara Martinovic1, Marta Bizic1,2, Vladimir Kojovic1
Asian J Androl 20: 488-492; 10.4103/aja.aja_35_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [321] PDF [321]
Male Fertility
The risk of human papillomavirus infection for male fertility abnormality: a meta-analysis
Yi-Quan Xiong, Yan-Xia Chen, Ming-Ji Cheng, Wen-Qiao He, Qing Chen
Asian J Androl 20: 493-497; 10.4103/aja.aja_77_17
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [332] PDF [332]
Human sperm testicular angiotensin-converting enzyme helps determine human embryo quality
Marta Gianzo1, Itziar Urizar-Arenaza1, Iraia Muñoa-Hoyos1, Zaloa Larreategui2, Nicolás Garrido3, Luis Casis1, Jon Irazusta1, Nerea Subirán1
Asian J Androl 20: 498-504; 10.4103/aja.aja_25_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [323] PDF [323]
Male sexual function/ED
The corpus cavernosum after treatment with dutasteride or finasteride: A histomorphometric study in a benign prostatic hyperplasia rodent model
Marcello H A Da Silva, Waldemar S Costa, Francisco J B Sampaio, Diogo B De Souza
Asian J Androl 20: 505-510; 10.4103/aja.aja_28_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [301] PDF [301]
Prostate Disease
The novel long noncoding RNA LOC283070 is involved in the transition of LNCaP cells into androgen-independent cells via its interaction with PHB2
Ying Zhang1, Li-Na Wang2, Ya-Ni Lin1, Yuan-Xin Xing1, Yu Shi3, Jian Zhao4, Wei-Wen Chen1, Bo Han5
Asian J Androl 20: 511-517; 10.4103/aja.aja_36_18
Abstract | Full Text | PDF [310] PDF [310]
Letter to the Editor
Male Reproductive Health
Identification of a novel mutation in the SRD5A2 gene of one patient with 46,XY disorder of sex development
Shu-Ping Li1, Li-Wei Li1, Ming-Xia Sun1, Xin-Xin Chen2, Xiu-Feng Wang3, Zeng-Kui Li4, Sheng-Yun Zhou4, Dong-Cai Zhai4, Shu-Xia Geng3, Shu-Jun Li1, Xiao-Wei Dou5
Asian J Androl 20: 518-519; DOI:10.4103/aja.aja_34_18
Full Text | PDF [333] PDF [333]
Operational Andrology
Recurrent paratesticular dedifferentiated liposarcoma after contralateral radical orchiectomy
Jin Wang1, Yi-Peng Du2, Sheng-Xian Li1, Jing-Hai Hu1, Chun-Xi Wang1
Asian J Androl 20: 520-522; 10.4103/aja.aja_18_18
Full Text | PDF [297] PDF [297]
Sperm Biology
Results of intrauterine inseminations with two pooled sequential ejaculates in cases of oligozoospermia
Jessika Moreau1,2, Nicolas Gatimel1,2, Jean Parinaud1,2, Roger Leandri1,2
Asian J Androl 20: 523-524; 10.4103/aja.aja_22_18
Full Text | PDF [291] PDF [291]
Semen Analysis
Sperm concentration measurement with a disposable counting chamber
Mathilde Lemoine1,2, Xavier Ferraretto1,2, Marie-Astrid Llabador-de Royer1, Achraf Benammar1,2, Jacques Darolles3, Sylvie Epelboin4, Florence Eustache5,6, Catherine Patrat6,7
Asian J Androl 20: 525-526; 10.4103/aja.aja_72_17
Full Text | PDF [347] PDF [347]
Male Fertility
An association study of the single-nucleotide polymorphism c190C>T (Arg64Cys) in the human testis-specific histone variant, H3t, of Japanese patients with Sertoli cell-only syndrome
Toshinobu Miyamoto1, Masashi Iijima2, Takeshi Shin3, Gaku Minase1, Hiroto Ueda1, Yasuaki Saijo4, Hiroshi Okada3, Kazuo Sengoku1
Asian J Androl 20: 527-528; 10.4103/aja.aja_66_17
Full Text | PDF [293] PDF [293]
Male sexual function/ED
Anejaculation in a patient with Charcot–Marie–Tooth
Rossella Cannarella, Giovanni Burgio, Sandro La Vignera, Enzo S Vicari, Aldo E Calogero
Asian J Androl 20: 529-530; 10.4103/aja.aja_75_17
Full Text | PDF [308] PDF [308]
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