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Table of contents

Volume 6, Issue 4 (Dec 2004)

Commentary | Original Article | Other | Letter to the Editor | Clinical Research |
Commentary on: Mobley AJ, Lam YW, Lau KM, Pais VM, Lesperance JO, Steadman B, et al. Monitoring the serological Proteome Colon, the latest modality in prostate cancer detection. J Urol 2004; 172: 331-7.
Robert H. Getzenberg
Asian J Androl 6: 283-283;
Abstract | Full Text |
Original Article
Prostate Disease
Combination of genistein with ionizing radiation on androgen-independent prostate cancer cells
S.X. Yan, Y. Ejima, R. Sasaki, S.S. Zheng, Y. Demizu, T. Soejima, K. Sugimura
Asian J Androl 6: 285-290;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Quantitative (stereological) study of incomplete spermatogenic suppression induced by testosterone undecanoate injection in rats
Z.W. Yang, Y. Guo, L. Lin, X.H. Wang, J.S. Tong, G.Y. Zhang
Asian J Androl 6: 291-297;
Abstract | Full Text |
Prostate Disease
A preliminary study on the rheological properties of human ejaculate and changes during liquefaction
Y.D. Shi, L.F. Pan, F.K. Yang, S.Q. Wang
Asian J Androl 6: 299-304;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male Fertility
Male infertility: risk factors in Mongolian men
G. Bayasgalan, D. Naranbat, J. Radnaabazar, T. Lhagvasuren, P.J. Rowe
Asian J Androl 6: 305-311;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Relationship between acrosin activity of human spermatozoa and oxidative stress
A.A. Zalata, A.H. Ahmed, S.S.R. Allamaneni, F.H. Comhaire, A. Agarwal
Asian J Androl 6: 313-318;
Abstract | Full Text |
Prostate Disease
Abrogation of heat-shock protein (HSP)70 expression induced cell growth inhibition and apoptosis in human androgen-independent prostate cancer cell line PC-3m
Z.G. Zhao, Q.Z. Ma, C.X. Xu
Asian J Androl 6: 319-324;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male Fertility
Effect of prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol on gubernacular development in fetal male mice
X.W. Jiang, J.H. Li, T.H. Huang, W.D. Deng
Asian J Androl 6: 325-329;
Abstract | Full Text |
Radio-protective effect of vitamin E on spermatogenesis in mice exposed to g-irradiation: a flow cytometric study
C. Songthaveesin, J. Saikhun, Y. Kitiyanant, K. Pavasuthipaisit
Asian J Androl 6: 331-336;
Abstract | Full Text |
Aim: To investigate the effect of vitamin E on the radioprotection of spermatogenesis and chromatin condensation of spermatozoa during passage through the epididymis in mice exposed to irradiation. Methods: Adult outbred male ICR mice were orally adm
L.C. Xu, N.Y. Zhan, R. Liu, L. Song, X.R. Wang
Asian J Androl 6: 337-341;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Prevalence and risk factors of erectile dysfunction in three cities of China: a community-based study
Q. Bai, Q.Q. Xu, H. Jiang, W.L. Zhang, X.H. Wang, J.C. Zhu
Asian J Androl 6: 343-348;
Abstract | Full Text |
Plasma transforming growth factor-b1 levels in patients with erectile dysfunction
J.K. Ryu, S.U. Song, H.K. Choi, D.H. Seong, S.M. Yoon, S.J. Kim, J.K. Suh
Asian J Androl 6: 349-353;
Abstract | Full Text |
Relationship between metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction
M. I. Gndz, B. H. Gms, C. Sekuri
Asian J Androl 6: 355-358;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male Fertility
Cycloheximide prevents production of arresting, a fraction of 30-50 kDa obtained from seminiferous tubule conditioned medium
G.F. Gonzales, S. Hartinger, Y. Flores, K. Zrate, P. Yi
Asian J Androl 6: 359-364;
Abstract | Full Text |
Prostate Disease
Ultrastructural changes of penile tunica albuginea in diabetic rats
Y.L. Lu, Z.J. Shen, H. Wang, S.W. Chen, X.L. Zhou, Z.D. Chen
Asian J Androl 6: 365-368;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male Fertility
Clinical and pathological correlation of the microdeletion of Y chromosome for the 30 patients with azoospermia and severe oligoasthenospermia
H.S. Chiang, S.D. Yeh, C.C. Wu, B.C. Huang, H.J. Tsai, C.L. Fang
Asian J Androl 6: 369-375;
Abstract | Full Text |
Letter to the Editor
Operational Andrology
Severe burn of penis caused by excessive short-wave diathermy
Jun Jiang, Fang-Qiang Zhu, Jun Luo, Luo-Fu Wang, Qing Jiang
Asian J Androl 6: 377-378;
Abstract | Full Text |
Acute scrotum due to arterial bleeding mimicking non-seminomatous germ cell tumor
F. Christoph, M. Schrader, A. Amirmaki, K. Miller
Asian J Androl 6: 379-381;
Abstract | Full Text |
Clinical Research
Anemia in patients on combined androgen block therapy for prostate cancer
L.X. Qian, L.X. Hua, H.F. Wu, Y.G. Sui, S.G. Cheng, W. Zhang, J. Li, X.R. Wang
Asian J Androl 6: 383-384;
Abstract | Full Text |
Letter to the Editor
ProstantTM in the treatment of chronic prosta-titis: a meta-analysis
Ping Han, Qiang Wei, Ming Shi, Jian-Chen Wu, Guo-Hui Peng, Yu-Ru Yang
Asian J Androl 6: 385-385;
Abstract | Full Text |
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