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Table of contents

Volume 5, Issue 4 (Dec 2003)

Original Article | Review | Letter to the Editor | Other |
Original Article
Prostate Disease
Targeted expression of human FSH receptor Asp567Gly mutant mRNA in testis of transgenic mice: role of human FSH receptor promoter
V. Nordhoff, J. Gromoll, L. Foppiani, C.M. Luetjens, S. Schlatt, E. Kostova, I. Huhtaniemi, E. Nieschlag, M. Simoni
Asian J Androl 5: 267-275;
Abstract | Full Text |
Rodent epididymal cDNAs identified by sequence homology to human and canine counterparts
K. Käppler-Hanno, C. Kirchhoff
Asian J Androl 5: 277-286;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Aim: Identification of the rodent counterparts of human and canine epididymal cDNAs HE3, HE4 and Ce8/Ly6G5C by sequence homology and analysis of their expression patterns and regulation level in the rat. Methods: "Electronic screening" of Expressed S
X.H. Wen, X.M. Xiao, P. Huang, X.Y. Xie, Z.W. Yang
Asian J Androl 5: 287-294;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male Fertility
Evaluation of corporal fibrosis in cadaveric pericardium and vein grafts for tunica albuginea substitution in rats
S. Leungwattanakij, V. Tiewthanom, W.J.G. Hellstrom
Asian J Androl 5: 295-299;
Abstract | Full Text |
Effect of diethylstilbestrol on polyamine metabolism in hamster epididymis
C.H. Qiu, M. Ohe, S. Matsuzaki
Asian J Androl 5: 301-306;
Abstract | Full Text |
Oestrogen-androgen crosstalk in the pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction
B. Srilatha, P.G. Adaikan
Asian J Androl 5: 307-313;
Abstract | Full Text |
Human protamines and the developing spermatid: their structure, function, expression and relationship with male infertility
V.W. Aoki, D.T. Carrell
Asian J Androl 5: 315-324;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male fertility following childhood cancer: current concepts and future therapies
M.F.H. Brougham, C.J. H. Kelnar, R.M. Sharpe, W.H.B. Wallace
Asian J Androl 5: 325-337;
Abstract | Full Text |
Letter to the Editor
Re: Nerve sparing laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
Xin Gao, Jiang-Guang Qiu, Bing Zhang, Yu-Bing Cai, Liang-Qin Hong
Asian J Androl 5: 338-338;
Abstract | Full Text |
Hormonal replacement therapy and aging: Asian practical recommendations on testosterone supplementation
Y.C. Kim
Asian J Androl 5: 339-344;
Abstract | Full Text |
Effects of acupuncture and moxa treatment in patients with semen abnormalities
E. Gurfinkel, A.P. Cedenho, Y. Yamamura, M. Srougi
Asian J Androl 5: 345-348;
Abstract | Full Text |
Effect of alcoholic extract of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on testicular function in male rats
G.F. Gonzales, J. Rubio, A. Chung, M. Gasco, L. Villegas
Asian J Androl 5: 349-352;
Abstract | Full Text |
Letter to the Editor
Re: 5-Fluorouracil-induced sperm shape abnormalities in rats
Urban J. A. DSouza
Asian J Androl 5: 353-353;
Abstract | Full Text |
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