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Table of contents

Volume 3, Issue 4 (Dec 2001)

Review | Original Article |
Molecular aspects of mammalian fertilization
H. Serrano, D. Garcia-Suarez
Asian J Androl 3: 243-249;
Abstract | Full Text |
Function of seminal vesicles and their role on male fertility
G.F. Gonzales
Asian J Androl 3: 251-258;
Abstract | Full Text |
Normal and varicocele testis in adolescents
G. Santoro, C. Romeo
Asian J Androl 3: 259-262;
Abstract | Full Text |
Original Article
Male Fertility
Quantification of human telomerase RNA (hTR) and human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) mRNA in testicular tissue of infertile patients
M. Schrader, M. Mller, R. Heicappell, B. Straub, K. Miller
Asian J Androl 3: 263-270;
Abstract | Full Text |
Effect of bilateral testicular resection on thymocyte and its microenvironment in aged mice
X.Y. Wei, J.K. Zhang, J. Li, S.B. Chen
Asian J Androl 3: 271-275;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Epididymal changes associated with cryptorchidism in rats
I. Kocak, M. Dundar, N. Culhaci
Asian J Androl 3: 277-280;
Abstract | Full Text |
Prostate Disease
Effect of aging on penile ultrastructure
Z.J. Shen, X.D. Jin, Z.D. Chen, Y.H. Shi
Asian J Androl 3: 281-284;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Effect of methoxychlor on antioxidant system of goat epididymal sperm in vitro
B. Gangadharan, M.A. Murugan, P.P. Mathur
Asian J Androl 3: 285-288;
Abstract | Full Text |
Prostate Disease
Effect of adrenalectomy and hydrocortisone on ventral prostate of rats
N. Nair, R.S. Bedwal, R.S. Mathur
Asian J Androl 3: 289-300;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Lepidium meyenii (Maca) improved semen parameters in adult men
G.F. Gonzales, A. Cordova, C. Gonzales, A. Chung, K. Vega, A. Villena
Asian J Androl 3: 301-303;
Abstract | Full Text |
Vitamin E ameliorates aflatoxin-induced biochemical changes in the testis of mice
R.J. Verma, A. Nair
Asian J Androl 3: 305-309;
Abstract | Full Text |
Effect of sodium nitroprusside on hemodynamics of corpus cavernosum in Chinese
Q. Fu, D.H. Yao, Y.Q. Jiang
Asian J Androl 3: 311-313;
Abstract | Full Text |
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