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Destabilization of acrosome and elastase influence mediate the release of secretory phospholipase A2 from human spermatozoa [829-836]
J. Le?ig, U. Reibetanz, J. Arnhold, H.-J. Glander
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Protective effects of estrogens and caloric restriction during aging on various rat testis parameters [837-845]
K. Hamden, D. Silandre, C. Delalande, A. ElFeki, S. Carreau
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Efficacy and limits of sildenafil citrate in patients with arterial erectile dysfunction: role of peripheral arterial disease and cardiovascular comorbidities [847-853]
E. Vicari, M. Malaguarnera, S. La Vignera, F. Calzavara, C. Battiato, A. E. Calogero
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Androgen receptor expression in clinically localized prostate cancer: immunohistochemistry study and literature review [855-863]
Y. Q. Qiu, I. Leuschner, P. M. Braun
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Sperm nuclear histone H2B: correlation with sperm DNA denaturation and DNA stainability [865-871]
A. Zini, X. Zhang, M. San Gabriel
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The prevalence of azoospermia factor microdeletion on the Y chromosome of Chinese infertile men detected by multi-analyte suspension array technology [873-881]
Y. J. Zhu, S. Y. Liu, H. Wang, P. Wei, X. P. Ding
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Antitumor immunity by a dendritic cell vaccine encoding secondary lymphoid chemokine and tumor lysate on murine prostate cancer [883-889]
J. Lu, Q. Zhang, C. M. Liang, S. J. Xia, C. P. Zhong, D. W. Wang
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When is a bone scan study appropriate in asymptomatic men diagnosed with prostate cancer? [890-895]
R. P. Pal, T. Thiruudaian, M. A. Khan
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Association of USP26 haplotypes in men in Taiwan, China with severe spermatogenic defect [896-904]
I. W. Lee, L. C. Kuan, C. H. Lin, H. A. Pan, C. C. Hsu, Y. C. Tsai, P. L. Kuo, Y. N. Teng
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Homocysteine and copper interact to promote type 5 phosphodiesterase expression in rabbit cavernosal smooth muscle cells [905-913]
M. Hotston, J. Y. Jeremy, J. Bloor, N. S. Greaves, R. Persad, G. Angelini, N. Shukla
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Follicle-stimulating hormone autoantibody is involved in idiopathic spermatogenic dysfunction [915-921]
B. Yao, J. Wang, W. Liang, Y. X. Cui, Y. F. Ge
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Clinical significance of the leptin and leptin receptor expressions in prostate tissues [923-928]
J. H. Kim, S. Y. Lee, S. C. Myung, Y. S. Kim, T.-H. Kim, M. K. Kim
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Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone-I and -II stimulate steroidogenesis in prepubertal murine Leydig cells in vitro [929-936]
Y. M. Lin, M. Y. Liu, S. L. Poon, S. F. Leu, B. M. Huang
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Improved sexual behavior in male rats treated with a Chinese herbal extract: hormonal and neuronal implications [937-945]
P. Zanoli, A. Benelli, M. Zavatti, M. Rivasi, C. Baraldi, M. Baraldi
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