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Table of contents

Volume 2, Issue 2 (Jun 2000)

Review | Original Article | Letter to the Editor |
Drug treatment of male fertility disorders
G. Haidl, F.-M. Köhn, W.-B. Schill
Asian J Androl 2: 81-85;
Abstract | Full Text |
Carbohydrates mediate sperm-ovum adhesion and triggering of the acrosome reaction
D.R.P. Tulsiani
Asian J Androl 2: 87-97;
Abstract | Full Text |
Original Article
Male Fertility
Effects of flavonoids from Semen Cuscutae on the reproductive system in male rats
D.N. Qin, B.R. She, Y.C. She, J.H. Wang
Asian J Androl 2: 99-102;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Human sperm immobilization effect of Carica papaya seed extracts: an in vitro study
N.K. Lohiya, L.K. Kothari, B. Manivannan, P.K. Mishra, N. Pathak
Asian J Androl 2: 103-109;
Abstract | Full Text |
Sperm function tests after vasovasostomy
R.Q. Wen, M.Y. Lie, P.L. Tian, N.Yang, Y.J. Jiang, A.P. Chen
Asian J Androl 2: 111-114;
Abstract | Full Text |
Histologic changes in the mouse testis after bilateral vasectomy
S. K. Singh, S. Chakravarty
Asian J Androl 2: 115-120;
Abstract | Full Text |
Prostate Disease
Early and late long-term effects of vasectomy on Zn, Cd, and Cu levels in prostatic fluid and serum
Z.N. Mo, W.H. Huang, J. Chen, X. Huang, S.C. Zhang
Asian J Androl 2: 121-124;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Pregnancies established through intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) using spermatozoa with dysplasia of fibrous sheath
S. Burgo Olmedo, V.Y. Rawe, F.N. Nodar, G.D. Galaverna, A.A. Acosta, H.E. Chemes
Asian J Androl 2: 125-130;
Abstract | Full Text |
Comparative study on efficacy of three sperm-separation techniques
L. Xu, R.K. Lu, L. Chen, Y.L. Zheng
Asian J Androl 2: 131-134;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male Fertility
Cryodamage to plasma membrane integrity in head and tail regions of human sperm
W.J. Zhu, X.G. Liu
Asian J Androl 2: 135-138;
Abstract | Full Text |
Comparative study on semen quality of one- and two-year-old ganders during the entire reproductive season
E. Lukaszewiczl, H. Furuta, Y.M. Xi, N. Fujihara
Asian J Androl 2: 139-142;
Abstract | Full Text |
Effect of smoking on semen quality of infertile men in Shandong, China
J.P. Zhang, Q.Y. Meng, Q. Wang, L.J. Zhang, Y.L. Mao, Z.X. Sun
Asian J Androl 2: 143-146;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Sperm quality in mice acutely treated with parathion
C. Sobarzo, E. Bustos-Obregn
Asian J Androl 2: 147-150;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male Fertility
Changes in soluble interleukin-2 receptor level in serum and Na+-K+-exchanging ATPase activity in semen of infertile men caused by antisperm antibody
J. Ni, Q.L. Li, W. Zhang, J.S. Xie, S.L. Bian
Asian J Androl 2: 151-153;
Abstract | Full Text |
Male sexual function/ED
Karyotypic analysis of intersexuality in Chinese from Taiyuan
Z.G. Mi, X.F. Yang, T. Lan
Asian J Androl 2: 155-157;
Abstract | Full Text |
Letter to the Editor
Unwarranted demand for body parts of endangered animal species for treatment of male infertility.
Ng SC, Ganesan A.
Asian J Androl 2: 158-158;
Abstract | Full Text |
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